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I fell backwards on my head 6 months ago whilst drunk, big

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I fell backwards on my head 6 months ago whilst drunk, big lump on head but 2 ct scans said ok but suffered post concussion symtoms although I was not knocked unconscious , had sensivitty to sound. And been quiet depressed and agitated over last 6 months with pain coming to site of injury off and on, now over past week had pins and needles, numbness in left of face with flashes of heatin face and now today forehead and side of right temple feels numb and numb round ear on right and on top of head on the right feel a bit sick and sore head again at back. What should I do
Hi--in addition to the numbness is there any weakness in the muscles on that side of your face?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
OK Louise--is this feeling constant or does it come and go?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It comes and goes seems to get worse on movement or when I bend over I think also having slight pins and needles in hands
OK Louisa. There are three possibilities here but either way you need to see a doctor about this as soon as possible. One would be a problem with the trigeminal cranial nerve in the face--a neuralgia/inflammation condition. Another would be a variant migraine condition with the aura of the migraine without a major headache. Finally, it could be from a disk problem in your neck. I can't give you just one diagnosis here since I can't examine you but you need that exam and I would also get an MRI of your head and neck.
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