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Hi Im in my late 30s male dont smoke occasionally drink

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I'm in my late 30s male don't smoke occasionally drink and am not over weight,
6 months ago I started having problems that I thought were related to a one night stand,
I've had std test and the were all clear my symptoms come and go for a few days and the gone again then back again. Here's a list of my symptoms.
.Numb lips
.itching more like mild stabbing pains all over scalp
.itching and shivering all over
.groin strain or testicle pain I'm not sure
.bubbling feeling in stomach and gas and blotting
.jagging pain in eye tear duct
.upset stomach after drinking tea or coffee and spicy food , which I've never had a problem with before
.passing stool more often than before , was one's a day and now maby 2 or 3 ,also stool is softer
.have developed hemorrhoids.
Any help or direction you can give me will be greatly appreciated
Could you clarify what evaluation has been done beyond the STD tests?
What blood tests were done?
Do you know what findings were present on examination?
Was there any tenderness on exam?
Has any tests of the abdomen or prostate been done?
Did your doctor say that there was no identifiable problem causing these symptoms?
Was there any discussion of referral to a specialist?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The was no referral , they didn't give me any info about the test results other than they were clear , the didn't manually test my prostate but I think the stool samples were a prostate test ,
I've checked my testicles but I'm not sure if the r swollen and the groin strain pain is sore when I wake up in the morning but not to touch .my std tests were made at hospital by specialist but the didn't manually test my testicles just looked around them, also at a point around the beginning of the problems I was having pains in my sides around kidneys but had ultra sound and the could see no problems. Hope tis helps . As I said the don't tell me much about the tests at my gp
After telling you that the tests were normal, what did your doctor say was thought to be the cause of your symptoms?
Usually if a GP cannot find the cause of symptoms, there is a discussion either of further evaluation or referral, and it is unclear whether your GP made a diagnosis, wanted to perform further evaluation, or make a referral. Can you clarify what your GP intends for these symptoms?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I went to a few gp' at my surgery the did blood and stool sample and the usual blood pressure ,they told me it's very unlikely I had an std as I would have a discharge or warts ,they said it was pro bibles in my mind or stress , passed me on to the gum clinic were I had the tests were they told me I would here back from them in 2 weeks if there was anything to worry about but had no reply so I assume it was ok. I haven't been back to my gp as I didn't think they were taking me serious saying " it may all just be in my mind" but it's around 8 months and my simp toms go for a few days then appear back as bad as ever
Thank you for the additional information.

The symptoms that you describe do not sound like an STD, so even without the testing, it would be very unlikely that this would be related to the one night stand. The only symptom that could possibly be related to an STD would be groin and testicle pain, which could be related to an infection of the prostate or epididymis. An infection of the prostate or epididymis can occur from germs that are not sexually transmitted, but can be related to certain STDs. The best indication of whether there may be an infection of the prostate or epididymis would be the findings on exam, but that would mean a rectal/prostate exam along with an exam of the epididymis along its course from the scrotum to the groin.

The remaining symptoms are not typical for any STD, so another possibility should be considered. It is true that anxiety can cause all of these symptoms, as anxiety can cause a wide variety of symptoms. I do not like to say that any symptoms are "all in your mind" as that implies that a person is not suffering, but the symptoms related to anxiety are as real as any other symptom. However, since there is no test that can confirm that anxiety is the cause, it is usually necessary to consider and exclude other possible causes.

In considering other possible causes, it is usually guided by the findings on examination and screening blood tests. Since I cannot examine you and do not know which blood tests were done, I can only be guided by your symptoms. Although no single disease process will readily explain all of your symptoms, several of these symptoms could be related to a problem with the GI tract, such as gastritis, ulcers, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or irritable bowel syndrome. If your GP is not able to provide further evaluation, then it may be necessary to see a Gastroenterologist. Another option would be to try a course of a medicine to relieve stomach acid, such as Prilosec or Prevacid, which may help with an acid irritation syndrome, such as gastritis or ulcers. It also may require a separate evaluation of symptoms that could not be due to a problem with the GI tract, such as the examination of the prostate noted above and also an ENT/eye examination.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks very much for the help, is there any chance it would be a yeast infection candita I have seen this on the internet or anything to do with my changing my job 2 years ago no I sit for long periods of time ,maby 13 hours some days , and last thing is there anything I can do about the hemeroids I had a look and I have a few blue vain sat the mouth of my anus which when I pass still get irritated ,is there a way to heal them as it's at an early stage .
Thanks for your help
It is not likely a yeast infection. According to certain web sites, virtually every symptom can be due to a yeast infection, but there is no scientific basis for that claim. For the symptoms that can clearly be due to a yeast infection, you do not appear to have a yeast infection.

The only way that these symptoms could be related to the change in job would be potentially related to the stress of that job. Sitting for long periods of time would not be a cause for any of the above conditions, other than the haemorrhoid.

The hemorrhoid is also potentially related to the change in bowel habits. Both an increase or decrease in stool frequency or consistency can be associated with development of a hemorrhoid. Usually, correcting the altered bowel habits will lead to improvement of the hemorrhoid. However, it is also OK to directly treat the hemorrhoid, such as with a hydrocortisone haemorrhoid cream.

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