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4 weeks ago I had a routine blood test all was well except

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4 weeks ago I had a routine blood test all was well except for low vitamin d for which supplement was prescibed and an esr of 26 which my doctor thought ws due to cold i had at the time of the test but she wants to retest me in 1 week. The cold went but after about 5 days which is approx 2 weeks ago I have been producing a pale yellow/ green mucous at the back of my throat but no runny nose cough, sneezes or other cold symptoms. What is the cause of this and is this something to be concerned about
Hi--so this mucus seems to be a post nasal drainage?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
what is this and how long would it last
OK Catherine--just to check--no fever, sore throat, headache?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

None of the above

OK. Well, mucus that isn't clear has to indicate an infection--usually bacterial--and in this case it has to be coming from your sinuses. It is possible to have a chronic sinus infection without much in the way of the usual symptoms for that and this could also explain your elevated ESR. If I were your doctor I would now get a ct scan of your sinuses to look for thickening of the lining and for fluid collections and if that were the case you'd need about a two week course of antibiotics
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

well hopefully it is just that, I was more concerned that I might have an immune problem but as the full blood count was normal I presume this rules an immune problem out. I'm a bit anxious about all this because normally I'm such a fit person

I understand Catherine but since your body can produce pus--which is really what this kind of mucus is since it's full of white cells--there's nothing wrong with your immune system.
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