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Hi, due to problems at work , I am suffering from high stress

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Hi, due to problems at work , I am suffering from high stress and anxiety and I have taken time off , my question is 8 years ago I was diagnosed with bi-lateral adrenal hyperplasia does this have an impact on my stress , as I was able to handle problems / bullies now at 58 years old I cannot cope and any problems I either snap and get angry or cry and taking time off work just means I have run away from the problems.
My Question is does my bi-lateral adrenal hyperplasia increase my inability to deal with problems



I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

Were your hormone levels normal? do you have Cushings syndrome or any other disease? can you give me the length or thickness of the adrenal glands?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



My doctor only checks my potassium levels when I have blood test, and is only concerned about my blood pressure which without medication would be dangerously high .Initially my Consultant 9 years ago thought I had Conn's syndrome. All I know about my adrenal glands is that they are large and look like dumpling ( sorry I sound so vague ) I have asked my doctor to refer me back to the endocrinologist but he says there is no need.


Thank you for additional information.

Adrenal hyperplasia is diagnosed when the limb of adrenal gland is more than 5 cm in length or more than 10 mm in thickness. The most common cause is Cushing syndrome. Less common causes are Conn's syndrome/ trauma or some adenoma.

CT scan easily picks up adenoma or posttraumatic hyperplasia. Adenoma at the adrenal gland if any needs to be evaluated at-least once a year after it is diagnosed and later may be once in 3 years if there are no symptoms or no change in size.

In your case as no follow up was advised {I assume} indicates that there was no focal lesion or adenoma in the gland. also the size of the gland differs from person to person. any change in size is considered abnormal.

Adrenal hyperplasia would not increase the risk of stress or short tempered behaviour. However these seem to be linked with raised blood pressure {as you mentioned you are suffering from - they are interlinked}.

Next step - I would see for the cause of raised blood pressure {renal artery stenosis or others}. Yoga, meditation, regular exercise do help to reduce all the symptoms you have for sure.

Wish you well.


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