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Ive been suffering with frequently recurring migraines since

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I've been suffering with frequently recurring migraines since Nov 2013 with a bout of 'cluster headaches' for two months Dec 13-Jan 14 (all diagnosed / confirmed by my GP).
After a couple of months respite between Feb & early April the migraines are back. I use Imigran nasal spray at the first sign of the blurred vision that usually occurs first (this usually keeps a full blown attack at bay within 20 mins) And I take 1 pzotifen tablet per night.
Recently however, the spray hasn't been having the same effect and I've noticed a couple of other things. My speech - in the past couple of weeks I have blurted out daft words during a converstion, last week I kept insisting that my daughter would be joining the school tennis team when I actually mean netball - there was something else that my kids looked daft at me about that i cant remember.
This morning while discussing someone called Lorna at work, I referred to her Lawn mower.
I have infrequent dizzy spells and my usually spot on memory has become a joke - I'm scared. I have a neurology appt in 3 weeks but I think the worry is going to drive me insane before then!
Does it sound like a tumour?
With new symptoms like this, which can all be related to migraine, you still need a neurological exam from a neurologist.
Maybe an MRI scan.
Have you ever had either?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Neither - my first appointment with a neurologist is in 3 weeks

One possibility is the advancement of the migraine, and what should be considered are:
A more effective preventative medication.
Magnesium. If your serum magnesium is below 2.5 you should be supplemented. 50% of migraine patients respond to this. 90% who also have mitral valve prolapse.
Thyroid studies..imbalance can aggravate migraine symptoms.
Gluten testing, both celiac panel and anti-gliadin antibody as well as HLA D! 2,8. If any of it is positive gluten should be avoided.

In addition, neurological exam, and if any findings, MRI.

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