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Hello, out of stupidity i had a couple of nights ago

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out of stupidity i had sex a couple of nights ago with a 22 years old prostitute ( british).
Firstly we did not have intercourse but just a hand relief; then after cleaning my penis with water and dried it with a towel we had intercourse. Sex was in a brothel, it was fully protected,i used condom and the intercourse lasted approx. 2 minutes. After the intercourse I have checked the condom did not break and by the look of it did not. After the episode i have developed an extreme feeling of fear that i have contracted HIV and cannot get it out of my head... pheraps is guilt etc; what is the chance that i could have contracted HIV from this person; of course i don't know if she was affected by the virus.
I have a regular relationship, and this was my 3rd person I have ever had sex with.
i am so scared i am not even eating anymore since
Hope you can help me
thank you
Hello from JustAnswer.

The average risk to a male from a single encounter of protected penile-vaginal sex with an untreated HIV positive woman is about 0.005%, which also means that 99.995% of men would not be infected. Condoms are very good at reducing the risk of transmission of HIV, but they are not perfect. The overall risk would be even lower, depending upon the likelihood that she is HIV positive.

It is natural to have some fear of contracting HIV in this situation, but the risk of a single protected encounter is lower than what most people realize. The risk is so low that the current recommendation is not that there should be testing after each encounter of protected penile-vaginal intercourse. Instead, it is recommended that everyone that is sexually active should be tested regularly for HIV, usually annually. In someone that is particularly anxious, they may choose to be tested more aggressively than the current recommendation, but that is something that you need to decide.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the answer. It is somehow reassuring.

I know that is perhaps too soon but I have booked a blood test in 10 days time just to make sure that everything is ok. Could that help showing any signs of the infection or any other infections?



10 days is not an adequate period of time to detect HIV. With the current generation of HIV tests, the average time to detection is 22 days, but it may take months for the test to be positive. As noted above, it is not recommended to perform specific testing after such an encounter, but for high risk exposures, the testing for HIV is recommended at 46 weeks (at which time most people are detected) and then a repeat test at 3 months (to detect the remainder).

10 days would be adequate for testing for other infections for which the germ can be directly tested, such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dr D Love,

for high risk exposure I suppose you mean unprotected sex?

Actually, the high risk exposures are needle stick injuries in healthcare settings, and this is the recommended monitoring schedule.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well that`s definitely not my case; sounds like I do not have much to worry about then doctor?

I should think about it twice before doing something like this again!

Well, worry is an individual issue. Some people perform riskier sexual encounters than this on a regular basis and do not worry, but they obviously are willing to accept a greater amount of risk and that is fine. Someone that is not as willing to accept risk will prefer to avoid such encounters. The people least willing to accept risk will never have sex outside of a committed monogamous relationship, whether married or otherwise. It is an individual decision.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, I have made a mistake, no doubt!

thank you very much for your time; I will do my blood test just to be safe.

To summarise in your expert opinion I should be fine?

Yes, it is exceedingly likely that you will be fine.

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