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My son is 24 yrs. He has learning difficulties. He has been

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My son is 24 yrs. He has learning difficulties. He has been assessed in 2001 at his primary school by school psygologist for his difficulties. At secondary school he did 9 GCCEs and managed to achieve 6. He then went to do 2 NVQs in Business Studies for a year, which he just passed. He then went to do plumbing and achieved Level 2 but left before completing his course. After that 2 1/2 years he hasn't done much at all. He stays at home and play online poker. He has no motivation to develop a vision for his future. He doesn't like to take any advice from parents. I wonder whether his learning difficulties are preventing him from achieving any goals or is it because he is so lazy? I would like to know if there is some therapy which helps him to get motivated, he might have depression, he is not in medication. I'm worried for his future, years pass quickly and I don't want him to be in same possession. I would like him to become responsible and independent but he cannot become since he stays at home.
Hi. Has he recently been evaluated by a psychologist? What was the outcome of the evaluation by the school psychologist--any diagnosis?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No not recently. No diagnosis. I haven't got the report right with me now (I can get it later for you), but I am reading from another paper that he had problem with his receptive and expressive language also sequencing skills in auditory and visual tasks.

OK Ritva--would he be willing to see a psychologist again for more testing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I did ask him before and he was willing, I think he would come.

Great. He needs to have another battery of cognitive and emotional tests to see exactly what the problem is here. He may have an attention deficit disorder or a depression problem but he might also be what's called a high functioning Asperger's patient. Depending on the problem he can get into a therapy program and perhaps have medications added to the mix to get him more motivated and on to a successful life
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So I need to get in touch with psychologist. Will it be any psychologist or specialist?

It should be a psychologist who regularly does cognitive assessment testing but for now it can be any psychologist just to get started Ritva