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do you have my questions from befor because i feel it is u

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do you have my questions from befor because i feel it is urgent
I believe that there are duplicate questions.
Do you have the results of the prior tests?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes 1 post awakening nothing inside range, out side range 11.00

2.nothing inside range 3.9 outside range sample 4+.5 hours


3 nothing inside range. inside range 1.2 sample 4+5 hours


4 prior to sleep inside range 1,0 nothing outside range


My daily cortisol nothing in range, 17.1 outside range


Range 21-41 nmol/L


DHEA levels 2 am 0.11 in range nothing outside


sample 2 3pm 0.13 in range, nothing outside range


DHEA Cortisol Ratio 0.70 inside range, nothing outside range


The fatigue as we expected is quite marked You will need to follow the full adrenal protocol.


Which is dit staining of sugar, salt, refined foods, eating wholefoods, protein eating every 3 to four hours to get rid of fats, small meals.


Lifestyle relaxing reading going for walks, meditation, exercise gentle, yoga pliates.



In response to the saliva tests, were any blood tests done to assess adrenal function?
Was the specialist unable to do this recently since he was on leave?

I realize that you have had difficulty in accessing the above questions, so I will assume that no blood tests have been done, either when the original saliva tests were done or recently.

There are several issues to consider in this situation.

First, the saliva tests for adrenal function are reasonable for an initial screening test, but are not considered specific for diagnosis of adrenal dysfunction. If the saliva tests are abnormal, then the usual next step would be to perform more specific tests of adrenal function, most often an ACTH stimulation test. There also would typically be other endocrine assessment, including thyroid blood tests and possibly prolactin levels.

If the ACTH stimulation test indicates that there is adrenal insufficiency, then the next step would be to provide adrenal hormone supplementation. If there is concomitant thyroid dysfunction, then there should be thyroid hormone replacement. These hormones are only available by prescription; there are no over the counter medicines or supplements that will be able to accomplish the same effect.

So, the next step should be to perform these blood tests of adrenal and thyroid function, and if necessary, provide hormone replacement treatment.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had a big argument with my doctor, she said that she was going to give a blood test for this along with about six others she did for kidney,liver,something in my blood count they did again so i can only have certain antibiotics. I had a chest x ray because i was feeling pain and keep getting chest infections and a ecg. Everything was clear, my sugar level is 6.4 but she didn't, she said it is a very expensive test, but because i was angry she did offer it to me in the end but i had had enough by then. Can I have these blood test privately. My thyroid blood tests have come back ok.

I'm glad that you could finally get through to the question.

It is appropriate to perform these other tests to look for other conditions, but thet will not help clarify whether there is adrenal dysfunction.

Yes, it would certainly be OK for you to see a private Endocrinologist that can perform these tests of adrenal function.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

how will i carry on with this feeling of every emotion i am going through because i am nor releasing adrenaline to cope i am feeling faint and light headed. so, so tired not sleeping. the fainting feeling is sometimes making me feel sick i have a dog and i cant walk far.

If there is adrenal dysfunction, then the symptoms will typically improve with the hormone replacement noted above.

It is important to note that adrenaline is actually released by a different mechanism, and adrenal insufficiency typically affects cortisol and similar hormones, but does not affect adrenaline. The adrenal gland has two parts that develop separately; the inner portion releases adrenaline and the outer portion releases cortisol and similar hormones. The term adrenal insufficiency refers to a defect in release of cortisol and similar hormones.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I see.Cortisol deficiency not adrenaline deficiency. So do you think that is what i need. Or i should have the test first Is this cortisol i will be given a steroid. Do you think it is that serious now.


Also this saliva test was don in 2011. I had a breavment so did not carry on with the protocol. My general doctor is a woman, dr peatfield is the man that treats thyroid and adrenal fatigue he is on annual leave.

The saliva testing was for cortisol and similar hormones, so that is what further evaluation is needed. You should definitely be tested first before starting on hormone replacement.

As for whether it is serious, the severity of symptoms is of such severity that further evaluation is necessary, but it does not appear to be life threatening from your description of symptoms.

The cortisol is a steroid, but there are many hormones that are steroids, including the DHEA, oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. All of these have a similar base structure that is derived from cholesterol. In many contexts, it is apparent which steroid is meant, so we will use the generic term, but if the context is not clear, we will specify which type of steroid is meant.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what side effects will it have. I was taken off a cholesterol pill because it was expensive and put back on statin which in the first place made me rally ill. i am on a lower dose now but it gives me diarrhea i kept off it for a while and was getting back to normal but took it again and it started again.


I did a survey of all my symptoms on a adrenal fatigue

it came to 200 which according to the survey is severe.

What could happen if it gets serious.





If you look up the side effects to adrenal steroids, they sound frightening, but the reality is that for hormone replacement, they are very well tolerated, as it is simply providing the hormone at the level the body is supposed to have. It is when we use the same medicines in higher doses to treat disease that the frightening side effects can occur. At replacement doses, they may cause some nausea or vomiting, but are generally very well tolerated.

The most severe manifestations of adrenal insufficiency is profound weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion, and possibly coma.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have weakness but can still take my dog for short walks. dont have low blood pressure it high, definitely dizziness. confusion. my legs and feet are swelling up, have lots of chest infections, allergies, cant lose weight, cause apparently you dont release the fats you should. asthma, craving for salt and sugar. I dont think I have really been well since i took hrt for menopause which did my whole system in, that was sixteen years ago. lots of bowel problems and weakness. allergies. I came off it,


The symptoms that you describe are not at the level that is seen with the more severe manifestations of adrenal insufficiency. These symptoms certainly could be due to the adrenal insufficiency, but if there was concern of the more severe manifestations, it would typically require that a person be admitted for aggressive treatment.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hope fully the blood tests wont show that.. Well thank you Doctor Love you have an incredible name by the way you have relieved a few of my anxieties. and made me rethink a few other things.


I will book up for blood test as soon as possible.


Would like to introduce you to an incredible message of how to find personal peace.


You're welcome. I hope that you feel better soon. Thank you for the message for personal peace.