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Morning. I had with a woman about a month ago. I got a

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Morning. I had sex with a woman about a month ago. I got a rash at the end of my penis. I put Thrush cream and Fucidin ointment around the affected area's. That has cleared up however my foreskin has become very tight and every now and again it feels like razor blades at the end ob my penis. Do i need to be concerned.
Thank you
It will help if you could provide some further information:
When you say that the foreskin is very tight, is it so tight that you are unable to pull the foreskin back and forth over the glans of the penis?
Is there any redness or thickening of the foreskin?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No it is not that tight, i can pull it over the penis a bit painful doing so.Once there the pain goes away. There is no redness or thickening of the foreskin.

That's good.

Tightness of the foreskin can become very serious if it gets to the level that it does not slide back and forth over the glans of the penis. It is actually more of a concern if the foreskin becomes stuck in the retracted position, because over a few hours, this can cause a restriction in blood flow to the glans. Consequently, if a tight foreskin gets stuck in the retracted position, it is recommended that you be seen emergently, and it may require emergency surgery.

If there is tightness that is still not yet at this level, it is less concerning, but still should be addressed, so that it does not get to the level of severity that it would be a true emergency.

In the situation in which there is recent onset of tightness associated with pain in the tip of the penis, the primary concern is a local infection of the skin of the foreskin and tip of the penis. This can be a bacterial or fungal infection, and the recent rash that improved with an antifungal medicine is suggestive that it is a fungal infection. It may require an oral medicine to treat the infection.

So, this is not as concerning as would be more significant tightness, but it still is of a level of concern that you should be seen, both to make a definitive diagnosis and to consider prescription of oral medicine to treat the infection. While arranging to be seen, if the tightness gets more severe, then you should be seen emergently.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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