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Have severe acid in mouth and throat continually.Have just

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Have severe acid in mouth and throat continually.Have just been put on lansaprazole 30mg twice daily 3 days ago, but has not yet worked. how long does it take to work,and whats the difference with omneprazole.
Have had this for ages now and have very sore tongue, but only just diagnosed with LPR after 3 months of pain in mouth and throat. Am awaiting camera down throat, but just wondering how long before these lans caps start to work?
Hello from JustAnswer.

It may take a week or two on the lansoprazole for reflux symptoms to improve. There is good suppression of stomach acid very quickly, but the irritated and inflamed areas can take a week or two to heal to the point that symptoms are improved. It may take longer for complete healing from the perspective of what is seen on endoscopy.

The lansoprazole is similar to the omeprazole in that both medicines are in the same chemical class and work by the same mechanism - suppression of the pump in the stomach that releases acid.

When treating reflux with lansoprazole, it is fine to augment the lansoprazole with a liquid antacid, which may be directly soothing to the irritated and inflamed surfaces.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My most aggravating problem is the sore tongue caused by the acid still coming up from throat causing excessive saliva and the horrible metallic taste in throat. can feel the grainy acid coming up almost continually, and its driving me mad , especially the tongue pain, tongue being white with bubbles. Just want to alleviate soreness in mouth more than anything else, and am a bit desperate! Just hope these tablets work soon!

The liquid antacid can be swished in the mouth before swallowing to try to ease the tongue pain. Another option would be to use a numbing medicine in a mouthwash to ease the tongue symptoms; it does not treat the underlying condition, but it may help ease the pain until the lansoprazole is effective.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Guess I am seeking reassurance, as I am panicking because have suffered for so long, and frightened that these tablets won't work, though it is only day 3 i realise.

As long as they will work eventually then I will try to relax at least until I get camera down.

I was confused because I read that LOW stomach acid has similar symptoms,so that made me worry even more, but the fact I have so much acid in mouth indicates a surfeit of acid.

Do you think I should stop worrying until capsules kick in?

I appreciate your help by the way.

It is definitely too early to say whether the medicine is going to work or not. The lansoprazole will work for the vast majority of people with reflux. There is no medicine that works in 100% of people, but the lansoprazole will work for 95+% of people with reflux. So, at this point, it would be appropriate to stop worrying, particularly as stress, anxiety, and worry can exacerbate any acid irritation syndrome.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

And finally, do you think this acid will eventually stop coming into mouth, with continued taking of these tablets. Just keep tasting this grainy stuff coming up from back of throat.

And my stools are very dark, is that ok.

Yes, the lansoprazole will usually lead to resolution of symptoms, including the acid coming into the mouth.

Dark brown stools are not a problem. Black stools may be a sign of blood, which also can occur from an acid irritation syndrome. If the stools are black, then there are tests that can be done to determine whether blood is present. If an endoscopy is being scheduled, then it will be able to check whether there is any current site of bleeding.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks for your time and patience.

I feel a lot happier than before, because I have been so frustrated, and have not been able to lead a normal life.

I will try and be more patient myself, guess I just expected instant relief,but as long as long tern outlook is ok, I will force myself to relax.

Thanks for your help!!!

You're welcome. I hope that you feel better quickly.