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Hi, I feel indisposed and look unwell(pale). last few months

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I feel indisposed and look unwell(pale). last few months i have lost some weight too. often feel pressure and mild pain on left side by belly button. have done blood tests and stool sample but all came normal. GP believes it is IBS but tried diferent medication for it and nothing makes me feel better. I will have a scan for my urinary tract and see a Gastroenterologist, but it may take a few weeks or months.
I lost my apetite because of this unwell feeling. As i have been feeling unwell for a few months, now i get very worried and sometimes still awake at 3, 4 and 5am.
I would appreciate any sugestions.
Do you have any specific symptoms.
Please list carefully

On any medications?

Please list.

Any other diagnoses?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Hard to give specific syptoms. in general is this unwell feeling( close to feeling sick, but not vomiting) and lack of apetite. also sometimes mild pain normaly on my left side.

not taking any medication at the moment, and there was no other diagnoses.

My Mother had stomack cancer and that is why i'm so concerned at the moment.

do you drink or smoke
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


What tests have you actually had
Please list
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the blood tests i remember the GP mention liver function, bone density(i think) also mentioned the cells count(white or red) were normal. I believe the blood test was for a couple more things the GP wanted to check, but not sure what it was.the urine was checked too but there was no infection, and the stool sample was normal.

To summarize:

I had blood test, stool sample and urine checked for infection.

waiting for a scan to urinary tract.

Check thyroid tests.
That blood test is not routine.
Hypothyroid is underdiagnosed, and can give all your symptoms.

You need
If the TSH is over 2.5, this is hypothyroid, even if the lab says up to 4.5 is normal.

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