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Ive been diagnosed with a urinary infection. Have had antibiotics

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I've been diagnosed with a urinary infection. Have had antibiotics for 2 days now but I've still got pain in my lower stomach and back which is extremely painful. I've also got a bit of a temperature. I have less blood in my urine and can urinate better now. I do have a stone in my Kidney which has not caused a problem before. Could it be that rather than an infection?
Hi is the stone in the kidney itself or in the ureter leading from the kidney to your bladder and how long have you had it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I think it's in my kidney. I've had it for several years but its not caused any problems. I don't know if this is starting the problem or if it's just an infection

OK Kathy. All this is from the infection itself and not from the stone. If the stone were lower and had started moving it could be causing pain but not an infection. I would imagine that all your symptoms will resolve in another day or two
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok. how would i know if it's moving though? the antibiotics were given to me without an examination or a urine sample test. I went back to my GP today who tested it and said he can't see an infection but that could be the antibiotics helping. I'm supposed to be flying to canada tomorrow. would you advise cancelling this?

A simple abdominal x-ray or a ct of the abdomen would see if it's still in the same position. I think that should be done before you fly to make sure it hasn't moved since if it's moving you may have pain for a few days until it moves into your bladder