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My son is NOW trying for children and he is worried that Epilim

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My son is NOW trying for children and he is worried that Epilim side effects which he started 2 weeks ago, 300mg twice a day, may interfere with his sperm quality and/or count. Also that the foetus could be affected.

Can you please comment, advice?

Given that there is no sexual dysfunctions, that both are in good health and that when we first knew about his brain tumour 5 years ago, we were told that the possibility of genetic transmission to the foetus would be low.

Is it "safe" to "fire with all guns" and see if his wife conceives?
Hi. There'd be no effect on a child he conceived with his partner but Epilim can reduce sperm count in men although that isn't a very common side effect. For now, there's no problem with, as you say, firing with all guns to try to conceive. Even if the drug were to reduce his sperm count that would take several months
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Could the foetus be affected and subsequent offspring? Is there evidence that brain tumour may be transmitted genetically


No, neither the foetus nor other children would be effected. Brain tumors are not transmitted genetically Damian.
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