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Complaining of severe stomach

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My 14 year old daughter has been complaining of severe stomach pains since Wednesday. She's eaten a few bites of toast yesterday but otherwise nothing since Wed lunchtime. The pain is central and stretches from the rib cage to quite low. She finds doubling over and applying a hot water bottle eases things enough do she can sleep but after 2-3 hours she wakes again. She has been going to he toilet but nothing is happening though to start she did have some diarrhoea. No vomitting but she does gag when presented with food, though she has been able to drink water. My husband took he to out local GP yesterday and he wasn't able to identify anything. She's asking to go back because the pain is too much (she's not one for complaining about things normally). I gave her calpol yesterday which didn't have much of an effect and I'm concerned that the sugar might not be helping so have not given her any more since about 9pm last night. Is there anything I can/should do. Btw, she doesn't have a temperature.
Hello from JustAnswer.

The most common cause of sudden onset of abdominal pain is a viral infection of the gut, called a gastroenteritis. The fact that her doctor did not find any specific findings is supportive of the diagnosis of a viral gastroenteritis. The pain of a viral gastroenteritis can vary significantly in intensity.

One of the concerns in someone with more severe abdominal pain is whether it is due to appendicitis. Appendicitis can start is more vague or diffuse abdominal pain, but with time it will start to occur specifically in the right lower abdomen. Similarly, sometimes it is more clear whether someone has appendicitis if the doctor performs multiple examinations over time.

If her pain is getting worse, then it would be appropriate for her to be checked again, particularly if the pain starts to localize into the right lower abdomen. If the pain is staying the same, then the usual management of a viral infection is supportive care, including rest, fluids, and paracetamol for pain. It also may help to give her some diphenhydramine (Benadryl).

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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