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i have pins and needles in my upper arm on the outside face

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i have pins and needles in my upper arm on the outside face , in my forearm going down my thumb and forefinger,this happens several times during the day . it can last several minutes i am a diabetic type 2 , treated by insulin, metformin , simvastin
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are several possibilities to consider in this situation.

The most common cause of a transitory sensation of pins and needles is because of pressure placed on the nerve that serves that location on the body, but the arm and face are served by completely separate nerves.

It also would be appropriate to consider metabolic changes related to the diabetes, including significant changes in the blood sugar or shifts in fluid status that also can be due to the diabetes.

It is also fairly common for a transitory sensation of pins and needles to occur as a manifestation of anxiety or hyperventilation..

Diabetes also can cause a chronic nerve disorder that can cause pins and needles sensation, called a peripheral neuropathy, but this will typically present with chronic symptoms that start in the feet and can later affect the arms.

The simvastatin also has been reported to cause similar symptoms as a side effect, but this also typically cause chronic symptoms that improve with stopping the drug.

Until you can be seen, it would be reasonable to closely monitor your blood sugar when these symptoms occur, both to identify whether the blood sugar is too high or low and also whether the blood sugar is changing quickly. It is also reasonable to be assuring good hydration by drinking plenty of fluids.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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