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I had a kidney infection 4 years ago. It was treated with Trimethoprim

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I had a kidney infection 4 years ago. It was treated with Trimethoprim but I do not think it ever went away properly. I have had a urine culture 6 months ago following a routine test which showed blood (mid morning sample). I have leuc's and nitrates in every first thing in the morning sample plus some blood (not visible). This is the same every time I test for months now. Intermittent left flank pain. No fever. While I can ignore this most of the time as with no fever I can still carry on as normal. I am a bit worried it is causing damage to my left kidney. It does not hurt to pass water so I presume it is not cystitis Should I bother a GP with this.
Hi. You mentioned a urine culture six months ago--did that grow any bacteria? Have you had either an ultrasound of the kidneys or a ct scan?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was asked to submit a urine sample as blood was found on a dipstick sample. I do not really know what the outcome was as I confess I did not ask too many questions. I am not sure if it was tested for bacteria. I have not had any scans as I have not consulted a Dr about it since then. Just conscious of the on going intermittent left flank pain and ongoing own dipstick result

OK Susanna. It sounds as though you may have a kidney stone on that side and while the dipstick itself really doesn't absolutely prove an infection, you may have an ongoing bladder infection also. While neither of these would do actual damage to the kidney I think it's time you had a formal microscopic urine examination and culture and an ultrasound to look for a stone. If the stone doesn't pass on it's own it would be necessary for a urologist to extract it via cystoscopy.
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