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i have been on citalopram for 2years 6 months I am 55 years

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i have been on citalopram for 2years 6 months I am 55 years old 15 st albs I went to the dr to sort out a low libido Blood come back slightly low on Testosterone, I went to see a hormone specialist He said I need to lose 2 st He took several blood test and it come back 1st high on Iron then he took another blood test to More detailed for Iron that come back low. He suggested i take a iron supplement I also took it upon my self to reduce citalopram to 10 mg instead of the 20 mg, 5 days later My head feels like it is going to explode my anger has increased 10 fold Of which I am aware of I feel irritable angry and discontent. I am also 2 6 months in to Recovery from Alcoholism

I hope this is clear
There are several aspects to consider in this situation.

In someone with a low libido and a slightly low testosterone level, it would be appropriate to pursue further evaluation and consideration of treatment. Most doctors will choose to repeat a slightly low testosterone level, possibly also checking a free testosterone level.

A low iron level typically will not cause a low libido, although it would be appropriate to consider why the iron level was low. A low iron level usually indicates that there has been some blood loss somewhere, most often in the gut.

If you develop significant symptoms with a lowering of the dose of citalopram, it would be appropriate to resume the former dose. If concerned that the citalopram may be contributing to the low libido, then it would be better to consider changing to a different medicine.

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