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Myself and my wife are planning

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Hi there! Myself and my wife are planning to begin trying for a baby in August. I stupidly took a small quantity of MDMA last weekend and I've now found out it can possibly effect sperm DNA. Do you think it could affect the sperm DNA or is this effect only with chronic exposure? What would define chronic exposure? Should I wait 74 days for the sperm reproductive cycle or longer again even? Thanks for your advice, Charles

Hello,this is Dr Helen, a UK doctor. Although there is a possible link with MDMA and sperm mutations, studies so far seem to link it with chronic use rather than a one off use. Used long term it is permanently in your system and far more likely to effect sperm production than a small quantity taken once only. Your risk here of having done damage is minimal. As you are planning to start trying for a baby in August, that is nearly far enough away to cover the sperm's life cycle anyway. For absolute peace of mind I would suggest you wait until around the 70 day mark before trying but should your wife become pregnant before this it is highly, highly unlikely there would be a problem. There is no need to wait longer than the 70 days. It's important your wife start taking folic acid each day from now on as this helps reduce the risk of some foetal abnormalities (specifically spina bifida). Most women already know this as it is well publicised in women's magazines etc but if she's not on it yet she can buy some in any chemist. Good luck!


Sorry....I didn't answer your question about "what defines chronic exposure". This would be regular use week or so over many months/years. Not at all a one off use.


I joined JustAnswer in June 2013 and am a UK doctor. I have been qualified for 24 years and have widespread experience in GP and cancer care.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks very much for your response.

You're welcome, let me know if you have any other questions.
Best wishes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again,


According to my calculations it may be 63 days until she is ovulating. I hope that is enough time but maybe we can wait until the next month. what do you think?


Also I should add that I also took Mdma at a festival in April, do you think this would compound and count as chronic or should this be out of my system?


Thanks for your help.

I think 63 days is will be releasing virtually all new sperm by then.
Women normally ovulate every 28 days so are your calculations based on her coming off the pill by any chance?
If so she may take a while to ovulate again anyway which will take you beyond 63 days so I think you are fine to stick to your plan of trying for a baby from August onwards.

The dose of MDMA back in April will be completely out of your system so I would not count this as "chronic" use at all.
April is long enough away for that dose to be irrelevant.

Hope that helps.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She is not on the pill and Ive calculated this date by estimating the 28 day cycle.


Thanks for your re-assurtance, we will stick to our plans for August.


One last thing, do you think a sperm test is advisable prior to attempting conception to try and assess of there are any issues. Or can a sperm test detect these potential issues?

I don't think a sperm test is needed. A routine test would not pick up the kind of changes within the sperm's DNA that chronic use of MDMA would cause anyway...and please note I said chronic use.

I would be far more concerned if you were telling me you used MDMA every week and had been doing so for months/years but for your particular circumstances I think you are fine to stick to your plans and hopefully before too long you will have a baby on the way.
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