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I am male, and have been diagnosed with an NSU. The leaflet

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I am male, and have been diagnosed with an NSU. The leaflet I was given only mentioned that this was a sexually transmitted infection, often chlamydia, but I was verbally told that these can occur for a variety of other reasons such as drinking alcohol or possibly eating certain types of food.

I've only had contact with my partner, and the results from my test showed negative for chlamydia etc, but I'm confused about what this was. I've read that females can't be diagnosed with an NSU - they get some different diagnosis. So with the negative chlamydia result, what could be the cause? What sort of things could my partner be diagnosed with if she has it too?
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are many different germs that can cause NSU. Certainly, chlamydia is the most common germ that is found to be present. Other common germs that can be present include Mycoplasma or Ureaplasma. There may be a variety of germs from the skin or rectum that can contribute to NSU in some men. It is also possible that herpes or trichomonas can cause NSU symptoms, although this is less common.

It is important to note that a negative test for Chlamydia is reassuring, but not a perfect test. The current tests for Chlamydia are good, but can still miss the Chlamydia in a small percentage of people.

Your doctor is correct that there does appear to be other non-infectious causes of NSU, not only what you mention, but also a reaction to external substances to which the penis comes in contact, such as certain scents, soaps, or latex. It is also true that a specific cause of NSU cannot be identified in some men.

These germs can cause various infections in women. Most of these germs can cause an infection of the cervix (cervicitis) that may extend into the female genital tract. The trichomonas typically causes a vaginal infection in women. It is also thought that women can also get urethritis from these germs, but the urethra is so short in women, it is difficult to identify when such infections occur.

For both men and women, it is also possible for these germs to simply be present without causing an infection. It is not clear how long these germs can be present without causing an infection, but it does appear to be for multiple years.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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