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Hi, lm a bit worried my 6 (7 in sept) dauhhter might be going

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Hi, lm a bit worried my 6 (7 in sept) dauhhter might be going through early puberty. She is very tall for her age and slightly overweight (something lm keeping an eye on, we eat healthily and encourage her to stay active etc..) she had had what looks like the start of breasts for around a year now but l just assumed it was fatty tissue. However lately the area round her nipples look puffy and more developed. It still feels aoft though, no obvious breast buds, which is how l thought it would start. She also has a few pubic hairs (literally a few, l only noticed as she'd asked me to put some cream on an insect bite on her thigh. She also has a little creamy coloured discharge most days and has had to start wearing deodorant this summer as she definately has adult body odour. Should l get this checked out? Dont want to embarrass her by taking her to gp if l dont have to as shes quite a sensitive little girl?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrHelen replied 3 years ago.
Hello, I would suggest you ask your GP to check this.
6, nearly 7, is young to be showing the signs of puberty you mention. Some girls can start puberty very young but as a general rule signs of puberty below the age of 8 should be investigated.
In girls it can simply be that she is tall and above average size and therefore starts puberty early but sometimes there is an underlying hormonal problem. This can be looked for by a simple blood test if your GP feels it is necessary. If there is a hormonal problem this can usually be controlled with medications that will delay the onset of puberty until an older age so I would certainly get this checked out for her.

Best wishes.

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