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Hi--can you tell me a little more about your mother, for example how she interacts with other people and does she ever accept responsibility for what she says and does?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I drafted the following email below have not sent it yet but this disrcibes

what happen when I was last with them 2 weeks ago for my fathers birthday.


Mom, Dad, and Richard.

The purpose of this email to outline the facts of My Mothers Mental illnesses.

This is not to have a personal go at her just to outline what is happening

as her illnesses manifests its self unfortunately

Below are a list of the 4 addictions which are active.

1. Compulsive overspending.

2. Anorexia.

3. Alcoholism.

4. Over exercising.

Plus Sociopathic behaviour which she uses to control and manipulate my father.

These 4 addictions and Sociopathic behaviour are the main reasons my father

is suffering at the moment. Being around an individual and exposed to these

active addiction can cause many problems. My father at the moment is suffering

from short tem memory loss and confusion. No matter how high his Intelligence is

and his ability to use it and reason in order to make decisions cannot beat his

condition in the long run which is degenerative. Another problem is he feels

fear from my mother and finds it hard to challenge her and does not want the mental

headache or aggravation from the psychological abuse she hands out to him

if he says NO to something she wants to do. Also another issue which occurred to

me is that my father does not know his own password ***** his email account which

he uses to conduct his business. My mother claims that because of he forgets things

if she tells him he will forget. He remember the 2 previous emails, neither of them worked.

I suggested something simple and secure that he could remember. Her response was

she did not trust me , ( I never wanted the email password ***** myself, I wanted my father to have I so he could

access his email as its his he should its his account no one else's.)

I also noticed that when my father tried the 2 passwords that he though were the correct one's he was unable to login to his account. Then Gmail indicated that my mothers mobile telephone number was linked to his account as his security back up which Gmail will send sms messages to. My mother justified this buy saying someone had tried to break in to his account. There is to my knowledge no proof of this as she got very angry when I engaged her.I reacted very badly to my mother as I felt she was trying to control his account and would not let

him alone on his account. She sat next to myself when she was looking for a few emails for me that

contained information about certain assets my father is looking to get back from Barclays. ( which he offered

me POA to go and retrieve with Richard Hollingsworth on his behalf off course.) and return to the trust.

This situation is extremely frustrating as when my mother gets involved she said maybe dad does not

own the shares. We have emails proving he does. I Just don't know which company there are in I know

from the information Dad let me have which mom off course send from his email account to mine.

Unfortunately my mothers attitude is nothing less than a hindrance as she possesses no knowledge

of finance or business. My father got upset and slightly mad when she said maybe they are not yours

and my fathers response was well Elinor I guess you don't want me to get the shares i.e. Coca cola shares.

less money for her to spend.

I was also on dads cell phone speaking to Martin Hanna in the office in the Bahamas. When my mother stayed

beside my trying to get me to get me off Dads phone which she said was low on credit not charge. This was

later because I found out she overspent again and said to dad that when she went to the bank machine which said it was empty, which does not surprise me she was covering up saying that the health insurance had to be payed.

The truth was that she had no cash except for cash she had in her wallet and the UBS credit card. So she typed an email to UBS to get them to send 4,000 euro's as a once off payed with dad sitting next to her telling her what to write to the banker.

The complete unmanageability and insanity that this woman is creating in everyone's life's needs to stop and stop

very fast. At the end of the day she is hurting everyone else around her and Myself and all my brothers have been

effected in different ways from her active addictions and behaviour. I challenged my mother on several occasions

and got extremely angry as she is not normal and dealing with an individual with these active addictions will drive

anyone who is actually sane complete nuts. I yelled screamed and sweared to try and break down hear EGO which is massive at the moment. The behaviour she possess is extremely selfish , self centred , which is the exact core of her addiction, Unfortunately she is completely empty inside if you take all the addictions away. She would

never she a medical doctor unless she was injured or sick. A top class physiatrist would see strait through her

and she has never gone and claims she does not need to. She is only fooling herself and hiding from her on fears and insecurities. Her Issue really sits with her father who treated her like a man and tried to de feminize her .

As she has tried to demascualted my father and my brothers. I am a different kettle of fish I am a warrior and

this has not worked on me as over the past 8.5 years of being sober from alcohol and drugs I can see through

everything and no of it fools me for a second. This situation regarding my mother will only continue to get worst.

Technically as none of these addictions that my mother has are illegal, she will not get arrested. But death and

Institutions are what are next and also many serious accidents that will occur directly from her over exercising addiction, like biking and running. I won in London because I possess the ability to predict the future based on human behaviour and that people don't change. I have had to change In order to survive but the thrive , which I have. Plus My father is an amazing teacher and his Cycle work proves that history repeats its self and people

don't learn from it they try to change it , but they cannot, we can only change our self's. If we want to

and can be honest and possess the courage to change. Them with a 12 step program its possible

and a lot of hard work. My purpose was not to make you feel insure it was to try to make you aware

of what you are doing to yourself and your husband my father and my brothers your sons. There is no

one around you at home that will actually challenge you like me. Because I have no fear and I am a warrior to the death. I never stop trying or giving up because that is the mentality of a loser not a winner. Oh don't try to think you your exercising makes you a winner I does not the more you do the more you loose because you have not figured out what your doing is actually insane. Nothing more nothing less.

OK--have you ever said any of this to your mother, and, if so, how has she responded?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I called her earlier and told her that she was a sociopath with multiple addiction , she hung up because when I screamed at her in France she told me over the phone that its makes her feel insecure and she is scared of me when I attach her because no one in the family will stand up to her I am the only one.

OK Mathew. Of course I can't be certain without being able to sit with her myself but it definitely sounds as though she is a sociopath with the obsessive behavior, apparent inability to take full responsibility for her actions, the obvious ego problems, and the way she reacted to you when you were on the phone with her. Unfortunately, the condition itself basically tells the patient that she herself has no problems and that there is nothing wrong with her so it's hard to get a sociopath into treatment. If she refuses, maybe you could stage an intervention on her with the rest of the family in hopes that she will see the light and ask for help
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks exactly what I thought. How to I approach a really sick person who does not think there is something wrong with them like my mom

my brothers are useless they wont help how do I get people to intervention when she is like this I could call a family meeting but that wont help in need a couple independent intermediates to help what do you think if I cant do anything what happens next her condition will get worst and my dad the effects on him what happens

There really is nothing you can do but point out the problem to her in a calm, non-accusatory manner and tell her you care about her and want to get her to help. Her condition won't necessarily get any worse but it definitely sounds as though your father's will since he has to live and deal with her. You might talk to a therapist and ask him or her for some suggestions on what to do here
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have tried numerous times perhaps if I say I love her which I do but not her addictions its hard this woman has serious defence mechanisms around her and I difficult to approach she is quite scared of me at the moment as she see's me as a threat. Its what my sponsor and me call being recovered and well vs. being sick in addiction basically health in sobriety vs. sickness in addiction Im at a lost cause with this situation as she controls everything perhaps helping her to achieve a very serious bike accident may wake her up just kidding ))

im tired of doctors and medical professionals I talk to they don't have any more answers I gone through treatment aftrercare 2 recovery centers and I see this as a hopeless cause . how can I protect my dad



OK--It sounds a bit like an AlAnon situation and dealing with someone who's in denial. Of course in that situation the first thing to do is take care on oneself and let go of the idea of controlling the other person. As for your dad--that's a hard one so long as he lives with here. You might have him attend AlAnon and get support that way.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi thanks good idea I should have though of that being in AA myself

now I need to take dad to a meeting that may give him some light on

it and help regain his sanity and also deal with her.




I think it's a very good idea Mathew but let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you
Dr. Chip and 3 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hay Dr Chip,


I will try to get my dad to go but it will be hard because of my mother plus he did Freudian phyco analysis years ago and thinks he is cured


good night speak again

Night Mathew--please don't forget the rating of my service to you