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I am 18, female, middle school student in reasonable health.

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I am 18, female, middle school student in reasonable health. I sunddenly got two bruises on my arms these days for no reasons, with each on the left and right arm. I am pretty certain that I did not get hit on or knocked into the arms and it just appeared so shockingly, and aches a little bit... And the bruise on my left arm seems to keep expanding cus it was just a little spot couple of days ago and I didn't bother at all but it didn't dissipate like it always does but getting bigger which starts to worry me and now a new small bruise on my right hand has appeared with no reason again... I am kind of worried about what could have happened to me and hope it's just nothing.Thank you for any suggestion or diagnosis.
Hi--just to be sure here these look like typical black and blue bruises? What did you mean by aching--is the area actually tender to the touch? Have you recently been taking any aspirin or ibuprofen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes, they do.

And yes it is quite the tender area. Couple of days ago it only aches when i press it but now I can feel that it sometimes aches itself even without touching,which draws my attention to it.

And no I am not taking either of those. I took antibiotics like two weeks ago for my teeth problem at the dentist, but other than that, no any medication is being taken.

Thank you very much!

OK Amy. One good sign here is the tenderness. While unexplained brusing without any trauma or tenderness can be from low platelets as in indiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, coagulation problems with liver disease, or bone marrow depression, in your case I think this may be a problem with a low vitamin K or vitamin B12 level. Those vitamin deficiencies can easily be treated if that's the case but since I can't examine you you need to see a doctor about this for an exam and blood work to determine exactly what's going on here
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