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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Ivy League trained
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Dr Natasha, since my wife passed away some years ago I now

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Dr Natasha, since my wife passed away some years ago
I now get sexual pleasure in wearing ladies underwear
My question to you is
By tucking my penus & testicles between my legs
Then pulling my knickers up very tight
Is it dangerous?.

Dr. Natasha : Hi.
Dr. Natasha : I am sorry for your loss
Dr. Natasha : no there is no problem with wearing knickers and tucking yourself as you describe
Dr. Natasha : You will not cause any damage
Dr. Natasha : i would keep an eye on making sure that there is not to much moisture or sweat on a hot day because you can get a yeast infection
Dr. Natasha : in other words, let yourself air out occasionally :-)
Dr. Natasha : i hope that this helped
Dr. Natasha : please leave positive feedback if it did
Dr. Natasha : Did you see what I wrote
Customer: Thankyou Dr Natasha the reason I asked the question
Customer: tgankyou Dr Natasha, I was concerned
Customer: Thankyou Dr Natasha, I was concerned that I may being harmful to my penus blood flow albeit my penus is quite small
Dr. Natasha : Hi
Dr. Natasha : no- I would not worry about it. Your penis will get enough blood flow...
Dr. Natasha : sorry I had gone to sleep
Dr. Natasha : did I provide you with excellent service?
Dr. Natasha and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dr Natasher, when I'm wearing my knickers really tight
I do experience a discharge from my penis
Is this a form of pre ejeculation? It's rather pleasent
As I no longer get hard, which doesn't bother me, because as I said
Previously, I have a very small penis, and the fact it doesn't get hard
it produces a more feminine look when I'm wearing knickers
It's probably a mixture of some urine which is still in the urethra and pre ejaculate.
Either way, I would not worry about it
Believe me, if you were cutting off the blood flow to anything important, you would have a lot of pain :-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Dr Natasha, can urine kept in a fridge, then.
Be heated to drink
This is another question
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dr Natasher you havnt answered my question, re warming fridged stored urine to drink also
The wearing of women's knickers bras etc for sexual pleasure
Is it natural if I don't wish to have any relationships with ladies
Ha Ing had a long good marrage
I did on the other question