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I am in the process of withdrawing from a three binge drinking

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I am in the process of withdrawing from a three binge drinking session, where I practically drank 24hours a day. I have now noticed that my stools are small and thin and I do not pass much. Having read the internet my anxiety is heightened. Could this change in stools, which were normal before my mammoth drinking session, be due to the alcohol and withdrawal?
Hello from JustAnswer.

Yes, it is possible that the small, thin stool could be related to the withdrawal from alcohol. This is not necessarily a serious condition and may only be related to the elevated anxiety that is common during alcohol withdrawal.

It is also true that simply drinking large amounts of alcohol can impact on the quantity and volume of stool, because there is relatively little fiber that is eaten when drinking large amounts of alcohol.

There are other stool changes that can occur from alcohol intake, either because of he effect of alcohol on the liver or the pancreas. However, these stool changes are more often seen as pale stool or diarrhoeal stool, rather than solely as stool that is thin or small in calibre.

If this is the only symptom that occurs with withdrawal, that is not worrisome. There are several complications of withdrawal that could be worrisome, such as confusion, hallucinations, or seizures. Consequently, if someone is having more severe withdrawal, it would be appropriate for you to be seen, as medical treatment may be necessary. But if this is the anxiety and stool changes are the only symptoms, that is not as worrisome.

It is also important to note that the conditions that would be worrisome from having small, thin stools, such as a growth in the rectum, would really only be a concern if the alteration in stool persists after the withdrawal period.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
How long do you think the withdrawal period will be?
The length of alcohol withdrawal will vary. The worst symptoms typically last about 2-4 days, but the overall withdrawal will typically last 1-2 weeks, with gradually improving symptoms over that 1-2 weeks. The dangerous symptoms that I noted above that can happen with withdrawal typically only occur in the first couple days of withdrawal, so once a person has reached 3-4 days of withdrawal, the period of potential dangerous complications has past.

There may be some ongoing anxiety related to the alcohol dependence and not satisfying the craving for drinking alcohol, and some laypeople refer to this as withdrawal, but doctors do not consider this part of the acute alcohol withdrawal.

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