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Hello, my legs are swollen . I have been to the doctor and

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Hello, my legs are swollen . I have been to the doctor and she tells that it is water. She did not prescribed for me any medication. As I understand - it is circulation problem and in my ative country I would use Detralex. What the analog of it n the UK?
Hello from JustAnswer.

The medicine available in the UK that is closest to Detralex is Diosmiplex, which contains Diosmin, one of the active ingredients of the Detralex.

Another option of a substance that helps improve venous tone is a nutritional supplement called Horse Chestnut. This would work similar to the Detralex, but uses a different active ingredient.

It is important to note that another common intervention for swelling related to poor venous circulation is the use of medical compression stockings, such as TED stockings, although there are several brands available.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Doctor, could you please explain to me why my doctor did not prescribed to me any medication? Is this some particular thought or is it a poor service? What should I do and tell to get Diosmiplex prescribed to me?

It is common that the first line management of swelling from venous insufficiency is done without medicines, such as with the compression stockings noted above. This is why I thought it important to note that as an option in my original answer. A part of this is that the medicines and supplements for improving venous tone only help a certain percentage of people. For the people that are helped, it can be very good, but compression stockings will help a greater percentage of people. However, I can't explain why the doctor did not recommend the use of compression stockings. If you would prefer to use the Diosmiplex instead of or in addition to the compression stockings, then you would need to see the doctor and specifically request it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** you explain please what the connection between the water in my legs( as my doctor explained) and bad blood circulation is?

The problem is with the venous portion of the circulation. If there is arterial disease, then blood does not get into the legs well, and may cause pain, but typically not swelling. When there is venous disease, then the blood does not easily leave the legs, so will filter out of the blood vessels into the tissue. The Detralex, Diosmiplex, and Horse Chestnut all try to help improve venous tone, so that the blood can more effectively flow back out of the legs. Compression stockings help by squeezing the legs to help push the fluid into the veins and up the leg.

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