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My daughter is 40 and we were having a few wines last night

Customer Question

My daughter is 40 and we were having a few wines last night and laughing a lot, our mood was high as we were talking about what we will do when we get to New York. Then it seemed almost like a switch went off and she started shouting and screaming about how she does everything in her house and no one helps (she lives with her partner, her partners uncle and his partner they are a gay household) and she went upstairs shout obscenities and started kicking the radiator up stairs with her foot. We didn't know what to do apart from keep away and make sure she didn't hurt herself. When she realised she wasn't getting the attention, she then mentioned something about her partners uncles dead mother, this then turned in to us holding back the uncle and stopping her from attacking him. This we managed to do and then she stormed out of the house, I then went home. She has done this sort of thing before but not with such severity, how can we get her psychiatric help?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 3 years ago.
Hi. This sounds like an anger management problem but she may also be suffering from a bipolar disorder. The major problem is going to be to get her to accept she has a problem and then agreeing to get help for it. Sometimes with this behavior it comes down to calling the police--never an easy thing to do--to get the process started. For now you and the family need to sit down with her--this is called intervention--and telling her how much you care about her but that she has a major problem and you will help get her to a psychiatrist. If that doesn't work, if she has a doctor you could talk to him about his doing an intervention on her.