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My father has been having severe headaches for months. Causing

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My father has been having severe headaches for months. Causing him great distress. He gets very sore eyes and has taken to wearing sunglasses in the house to get relief. He recently got an appointment at local hospital after waiting 7months but has been told there is nothing that can be done, it's not his eyes that is the problem but his head!!! They told him straight away he was not to drive again!! He has never had to wear glasses (he is 85) and still works. I'm not sure he is telling me everything but I am very worried as he lives on his own in the middle of nowhere and is talking as though (this is it!!) I believe he thinks he has a brain tumour but would welcome your opinion with my limited knowledge of the situation, many thanks
Hi. I don't know if he was checked for glaucoma but that could be the problem here. Another possibility would be migraine headaches. Without balance problems or a weakness on one side this doesn't sound like a brain tumor but the only way to look for that would be an MRI of his brain. If at all possible he needs to be checked for glaucoma and if that isn't the problem he needs to see an internist followed by a neurologist.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
They have told him he has NO problems with his eyes and is not glaucoma . Also not migraines, which is why I am so concerned as to what else it could be, he says he doesn't want a scan as he 'doesn't want to know " he is taking many painkillers for head pains but as far as I know he is not being sick.
There is no way to fully clinically diagnose migraines except for the presentation and the common side effects of nausea and light sensitivity Liz. I understand his being afraid of seeing what a scan might show but had this been a brain tumor that started causing headaches months ago he'd have other problems now like the balance problem or an eye problem.
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