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I have Vitiligo - Which creams do I get?

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I have vitiligo. It's not bad, however, im noticing grey silver hairs on my scalp appearing and not sure if its my vitiligo, premature greying, or related to medical condition?? Also I need advice on which cream to use for around my eyes, my penis and my head.

Dr. K. : Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today. Yes the grey hair is due to vitiligo since it is a depigmentIon condition. Eyelashes and brows can also turn white. Tacrolimus cream can be used for sensitive areas that are not suitable for high potency steroid cream. Its a prescription. If you need only an emollient, then Aquaphor which is over the counter is a great choice. I hole this helps,

Thanks. I've been putting a steroid cream im imported from Thailand (no prescription needed) (Fucicort 15g antibiotic contains fusidic acid 20mg and betamethasone 1mg) around my eyes, carefully not to get it near my actual eye, and i believe it has restored quite a bit of pigment on the right side, and helping on the left. Im also trying to put it on my scalp where im noticing more grey hairs to help restore them all (how long could that take to restore them?) Tacrolimus cream you advise for down below? I did wonder if the grey hairs im noticing would be premature greying instead of my vitiligo as I suffer from lots of stress. But you think it is my vitiligo? I've always had one patch of white hair on the right side where a mole is, however, the current grey hairs im noticing are all randomly spread out and not in a patch at all. Thanks

Dr. K. : 1 percent cortisone cream is ok on the penile skin. The grey hair is related to vitiligo. It is still pigment loss even tho spread out

So I should apply the steroid cream to my scalp, will it help restore all my hairs, and how long it will take?

Dr. K. : Sorry but no its not supposed to be effective at all in terms of restoring hair color. I wish I could tell you differently but I cant. :(



there is no way at all to help restore grey hair?


Also, what you think about this:

Dr. K. : I doubt this is promising news. I looked at the link. Its a basic biology journal and the study is based on five subjects

Do you think it wont be long before cure is ready for it?


""For generations, numerous remedies have been concocted to hide gray hair. but now, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets to the root of the problem has been developed.

While this is exciting news, what's even more exciting is that this also works for vitiligo. This condition, while technically cosmetic, can have serious socio-emotional effects of people. Developing an effective treatment for this condition has the potential to radically improve many people's lives."


It sounds like it successfully worked on the people it was tried on


This also refers to the study:


Dr. K. : No its a very basic study so it would be a long time before it would become available if at alk
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How long do you think it will be before there is a medication or cream they will bring back grey hairs to normal colour? At the moment only I can notice the grey hairs, no one else can see them.


Which creams do you recommend? And what do you think the future holds for vitiligo and grey hair recovering?


To be honest. I doubt there will be much interest in it. From a cosmetic standpoint we have hair dye thAts very natural. from a financial perspective Alone it wont make sense.

Theres no cream to change your hair color. I am sorry its not the answer you are hoping for but I think its the truth. :(
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I could buy the ingredients from the study and use UV light? It seems to be working for people who do this? Yes dye is ok but not an ideal solution for me. Nothing to worry about for me yet and not noticable. I just worry if it was to spread then it will become issue for me.

Do you think I should still apply cream to my scalp? Restoring pigment will be good in the 3 areas I have it.


Also, what do you think of this:




i think applying the cream to your scalp is harmless biut it will not restore pigment.

You must remember that as experts we are here on the sits helping you for a fee. Your question is an 8$ question. Im a board certified physician. Its really not reasonable to expect an analysis of all the literature. Good luck. :)
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