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I went to the doctor a week ago with the symptoms; frequent

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I went to the doctor a week ago with the symptoms; frequent urination, foamy looking urine, occasional burning sensation when urinating and at one point I had a weak steam when urinating for a few days I also had redness around the tip of my penis. They checked my urine and took a swab sample. I was told that I based on my symptoms that I have a water infection. I was cleared of any STDs. I was put on a 7 day course of trimethoprim 2x 200 mg a day.

It's now been a week and I still have foamy urine. I'm sure that I don't have much if any back or side pain and I'm urinating less but I still have to get up to pee before the alarm goes off. I'm wandering if this is anything to be concerned about? I'm a hypochondriac so it only worries me more and more. My IBS symptoms are also back but I'm sure that they are there because of anxiety of the whole situation. I have also had a cough for a few weeks. It's very mild.

Hope you can help me figure out what to do, thanks in advance.
Hi--do you know if they found any protein in your urine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
They didn't do the test
OK Tom. Sounds as though you had a prostate gland infection--not an STD--and that can cause the frequent urination problem. In general it usually takes two to up to four weeks of a course of antibiotics to clear that so if you're still having symptoms you need to let your doctor know to see if he wants to extend your antibiotics for another one or two weeks.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Oh okay, would the infection of the prostate cause foam in my urine?
Yes it would and that foam is from protein which is why I asked if any was found in your urine. That will stop once the infection is eradicated
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Okay thank you, ***** ***** How would I bring this to the attention of my doctor? And is there anything I can do in the meantime to help move my recovery along?
Just tell him that your urine is still foamy and you're still urinating a lot. Plenty of fluids including cranberry juice can help things along Tom
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