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I am a 71 year old woman. Physically relatively fit without

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I am a 71 year old woman. Physically relatively fit without any sporting activity, and not overweight to the point of being a problem. For seemingly no reason roughly 3 weeks ago now, I started to feel pain around my right kneecap. Over 3 days it increased and I identified the location to be at the rear of the knee, which is now extremely tender to the touch, and will not allow me to sleep because involuntary twisting of the leg is excruciating.There is no obvious swelling or reddening of the joint. Putting weight on the leg is agonising, and it becomes worse after, for no reason, I hear/feel something like a 'click' in the leg. I also get occasional involuntary muscle spasm causing the leg to jerk. I have a regular doctor, but he is not available until 27/07/14. An emergency appointment with a locum found a doctor who admitted being inexperienced in this type of ailment and booked a physiotherapy session. That will be in 14 weeks. So, can you give a likely diagnosis, and more importantly anyway to make life bearable until my appointment. I have had no advice as to whether the leg should be supported, or strapped, exercised or rested. I apply deep heat treatment each night, and ice packs twice a day, to no avail. As infrequently as possible I take pain relief but at best it reduces to toothache level
From Laraine Townsend at this E.Mail address.
Hi. First off, if at all possible, you need an MRI of the knee. Obviously I can't examine you but this sounds like what's called a Baker's cyst which is located in the posterior area of one's knee. These can become inflamed and very painful and they can be drained or even excised if necessary. For now you need a knee immobilizer and as much rest of the knee as possible and that might include using crutches. The MRI will identify exactly what the problem is but, as I said, I think it's a Baker's cyst
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