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Hello! Im a 70yr old female and my problem is unsightly veins.

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Hello! I'm a 70yr old female and my problem is unsightly veins. I have mauve thread veins which have worsened over the years over most of my thigh area and they are gradually working their way down my legs to my ankles. Also the backs of my hands have very prominent large veins which extend through my to my wrists giving my hands the appearance of belonging to a 90yr old! I am very active, not overweight and in good health and therefore do not take any medication. The legs I can deal with by appropriate concealing clothing but hands are a different matter. I appreciate there's an element of vanity here and while I appreciate nothing can be done I would like to know what has caused this and if it's an indication of anything else. Thank you
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

The etiology with both upper and lower limbs veins is also different, in the lower limbs, the prominent or thread like veins can be due to a condition called Varicose veins, since normally, the superficial venous system in the lower limb is the secondary source of drainage and the deep veins are the primary, the superficial veins are small in size and not prominent in the lower limbs, due to valvular incompetence of the superficial veins or due to the deep veins being blocked, these superficial veins can start to show as tortuous dilatations, and this condition is known as Varicose veins of the lower limbs. The vascular surgeon can check for competence of the deep venous system and if that is still patent, s/he can also rule out conditions that could have led to varicose veins of the lower limbs and laser ablation or surgery can be done to remove these tortuous dilated veins from the lower limbs.

In the upper limbs, the matter is different, here the superficial venous system is the primry system for drainage rather than the deep venous system and these superficial veins show in every individual. They show more in thin skinned individuals specially males where as they show show less in thick skinned or fatty individuals and females.
During aging, much of the subcutaneous fat atrophies and shrinks causing the skin to thin, that is the reason these veins become more prominent. These veins can not be removed or surgically ablated, so the best treatment is to have fillers injected in the hands specially around the dorsum. This will give the hand a youthful appearance as well as hide the prominent veins. These procedures are done by Plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Fillers can be artificial or biological like fat grafts. You can discuss these options with your Plastic Surgeon.
Hope this helps.
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