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i GET A PAIN IN THE MIDDLE ON THE OUTSIDE OF MY LEG NEAR THE CHIN . iT FEELS LIKE A KNOT IN THE MUSCLE THAT A SPORTS THERAPIST IS PRESSING DOWN ON. It happens at various times of the day . It used to occur in the morning in bed but as the weeks go on , it happens at other times in the day. Could this be a blood clot?
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This would be very atypical for a blood clot.

It would be very unusual for a blood clot to come and go over a short time frame. When you say that it happens at various times of the day, which also means that it is not present at the other times, that would be very unusual for a blood clot.

It is possible to feel a blood clot under the skin that can cause pain, and it may come and go over days and weeks, but it would be atypical for it to happen several times per day.

It is generally impossible to say that any pain in the leg could never be from a blood clot, but the description is very atypical, so a blood clot would not be a concern at this point. It is also worth noting that the blood clots that are worrisome are those that occur in deep veins at or above the knee. Blood clots in superficial veins or that are in deep veins below the knee are not worrisome, if that is the only manifestation, although there will usually be monitoring to assure that it does not spread to a deep vein at or above the knee.

It would be far more likely that a knot in the muscle that comes and goes over a short period of time would be related to spasm of the muscle. There are many conditions that may lead to muscle spasm, including overuse, trauma, inflammation, or as a side effect to certain medicines. Although it would require a proper evaluation to determine the exact cause of the symptom, it would be OK to use home measures to treat inflammation, such as the application of moist heat to the area, along with massage or stretching exercises, or the use of an over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine (assuming that you have not been instructed to avoid anti-inflammatory medicines).

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi. Would this have anything to do with Plantar Facitis that I have in the same foot?

Only indirectly. The plantar fasciitis will cause symptoms in the foot, but if the person needs to walk favouring the foot, it can cause overuse or extra strain on the muscles in the leg, which can cause the muscle in the leg to spasm.

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