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18 months ago I had a trauma to the head by hitting my chin

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18 months ago I had a trauma to the head by hitting my chin on the ground, ice-skating. I didn't loose consciousness and I haven't got any vomit, so my GP just told me that the symptoms that lasted 6 months may have been post-concussion syndrome.

But there are two things that I still don't understand regarding this episode:

- For six months I had a lot of non-voluntary movements of my arms going to sleep. My doctor always told me they were normal because happening as I was going to sleep. However they suddenly appeared after the concussion and gradually disappeared 6 months later. So for me they were related to the trauma. What may be happened? May just be the fact that at the time I was very worried? Or it has been something else?

- After 18 months, I still have often the idea that it is harder for me to concentrate. Is it possible this is still related to the trauma? If so, will it improve and disappear over time? For me it's very hard to understand if this is related to the trauma, because even before I always had some problem concentrating, so it's not very clear if this is worsened or not. Is it possible or I'm just worrying to much?
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This is classic post concussion syndrome or PCS

The symptoms of PCS can last for months/years.

There is really nothing you can do at this point other than try to exercise your brain

puzzles, math, etc

It will all help

also, plenty of exercise and rest.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

But is it supposed to go away after some years, considered that I didn't even lost the consciousness at the moment of the trauma? Is there any way to monitor it to see how and when I improve?

Yes, it is supposed to go away with time. It will continue to improve

A doctor trained in concussion can monitor you over time
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, but how can I find a doctor trained in concussion? What I need to look for?

I would ask to see a neurologist

most are well trained in concussion
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