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Hello I took my little girl to baskin robins to have a freshly

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I took my little girl to baskin robins to have a freshly made milk shake.
When we went in, the server was trying to squeeze a ice cream name into a metal holder.
We ordered the milk shake.
He got a clean mixer machine, measured out milk from a large milk bottle and then scooped the ice cream in. Placed the mixer on the machine and then poured it out and placed a cap over the small plastic glass. My little girl used a straw to drink it.

When i paid for the milkshake I noticed the guy had a small pierce on the top of his left index finger (left index upper area facing the thumb). it was red and fresh. it must have been 'punctured' when he was squeezing a name plate into the small metal holder which may have had a sharp edge.
I know that there is little chance of his blood/serum..coming into contact with the ice cream or milk.
can you please advise me on
1/ what is the risk of Hep B transmission from ingestion
2/ risk of hep C from ingestion
3/ risk of hiv from ingestion
4/ what should I do as I am very worried.

I also know that this is all dependent on blood actually contaminating the milkshake AND he must carry a disease. The boy was no older than 20-21 years old, English Caucasian.
Grateful for above answers
Hello from JustAnswer. My goal is to provide you with excellent service.

There is no reason for you to be concerned about an infection from any of these germs. It is true that each of these germs can be transmitted through the blood, but the germs die very quickly upon leaving the body and they also need to have a mode of entry into the body at a sufficient amount to cause infection, and the mouth and alimentary tract does not allow for that entry. There is no evidence that swallowing blood mixed with food poses any risk for the transmission of any of these germs.

The only potential concern for transmission through the mouth would be if there was a situation that could cause friction, abrasions, or minor cuts in the mouth. For example, we recommend that people not share toothbrushes, since the friction in the mouth may cause minor trauma to allow transmission of germs. But for comparison, there is no evidence that sharing eating utensils carry a similar risk.

So, there is no risk for any of these three germs and there is no need for you to do anything.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

grateful for your help.

I know that the she only used a straw to drink the milk shake and she has no periodontal problems at all and no obvious cuts in or around her mouth.


assuming the virus would not die as there was probably only 3-4min time in making a milk shake, is the gastro-intestinal and mouth of a healthy 7 year old a good enough barrier?

thank you and grateful.

Absolutely. Actually, the germs would be dead within 3-4 minutes, unless it was in a large volume of blood or a situation where it was not exposed to the environment. But even if there had been no delay in eating food that has been contaminated with blood, the mouth and GI tract of a 7 year old would not allow penetration of any of these germs.

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