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I have had some random protected but I think I had taken

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I have had some random protected sex but I think I had taken in some fluid from the breast during sex 3 months ago while six months ago a condom burst in another random sex with a 18 yr old shamefully. I visited the doctors because I was very uncomfortable with my stomach getting gassy and sort of constipated with even a drink of water.. it swells and get gassy for at least 3 to 4hours after eating or sometimes with drink. As expected I was sent to give blood and a week after I got called to go give more blood, so I asked why and was told one of my body defense cells is low or weak, meaning one of my immune system is low and there is a swell of the liver ( don't know how they figure out swollen liver from blood test)!

Well my worry is that the DR said this time she is ordering for Hepatitis and HIV and full blood count because she believes that something must be responsible for the suppression of the immune system.. scary.. I am really scared now.. I am not a rough person nor a Casanova, just once in a while one strays and give in to temptation due to the environment and things we take in every day.. The mention of HIV and Herpes scares me so badly, I have two lovely kids 2 and 7yrs only, I don't want to be fighting disease for the rest of life when I should working hard to raise my little ones

I want to know please.. what are the chances that something is gone wrong.. why should a second test be ordered with specific virology test required.. what are possible causes of swollen liver detected from blood test, why is one of my immune system suppressed, i am told is just one that others are fine

I have not noticed any symptom, I am strong healthy and have never in my entire life of 39yrs slept a night over in the hopsital, I see a doctor may be once in 3yrs.. I don't have a dentist never visted one.. wasn't born in hospital and don't visit hospital for any reason..

This test has brought so much worry to my mind I can't even watch the world cup matches even though my best team was playing, so scared , my eyes are going deam. Also, just to add this, 8 yrs ago I went for a routine check for sexual health after sex with a random girl unprotected and I was diagnosed with chlamydia, and was threated with antivral pills..since then never had any problems and was given all clear for HIV, syphilis and herpes
Hi. It sounds as though your liver enzymes were elevated and that's why the hepatitis and HIV screen. That doesn't mean at all that you actually have HIV or hepatitis since from what you've told me your risk for those would be very low. That said, you may have what's called fatty liver or nonalcoholic nonviral hepatitis. That can easily be treated with proper diet and weight loss if needed. Of course, we need to see what the blood work shows but I personally would not be concerned about HIV or viral hepatitis
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks..but how long on average will symptoms manifest for HIV and herpes after contraction? been having prolong itchy eyes since yesterday and some ear discomfort, sometime itchy rectum that comes and goes.. I was prescribed anusol still want to be sure nothing is wrong

If this were HIV or herpes to affect your liver would take years to happen so it's not that James. And neither would be affecting your rectum or your eyes from the scenario you gave me.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok, so what other factors could suppress immune system?

It can just be a viral illness like the flu or it may be that your doctor was misreading the lab results but I don't think you need to worry about it being HIV or herpes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, thanks.. some peace of mind at least for now. I will wait for the test result and may get back to share the result..

I'll look forward to that James but please for now remember to rate my service to you
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