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Our 5 month old baby boy has suddenly in the last 10 days started

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Our 5 month old baby boy has suddenly in the last 10 days started to exhibit bruising with little apparent cause. Some bruising is in unusual places like his chest. The bruises don't seem to last very long but I am panicking and thinking Haemophilia.

I am confused though because I thought Haemophilia is congenital and if you have it, you have it from the womb? I only say this because Arlo underwent UV lamp treatment for high bilirubin levels which entailed him having regular little cuts to his heels to test his blood for the Bilirubin. These cuts (about 4) healed up very well, I checked!

He has just recently flown from Italy to England and back to Italy. Could flying contribute?
Hello from JustAnswer.

You are partly correct. It certainly is true that haemophilia is an inherited disorder, so is present at birth. However, haemophilia can be manifested at different severities in different people, and the onset of symptoms may not always occur in the newborn period. Boys with more severe manifestations of haemophilia will typically have symptoms during the newborn period, but boys with mild disease may not have symptoms until much later, such as when starting to walk (with the falling that occurs during this stage of development).

The recent airplane travel would typically not be the cause of easy bruising.

Although there are other causes of easy bruising beyond haemophilia, haemophilia is one of the first considerations, and it is appropriate that he is being taken for a proper evaluation.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
With no family history of hemophilia involved, are there any conditions which are more likely to be the cause of this bruising. It is strange that it has appeared so suddenly? Although we try to be careful parents, it is not like he hasn't had little knocks before. His two and a half year old sister is 'enthusiastic' in her affection! We take particular care to never leave them unsupervised.
There are several possible causes of easy bruising. It is common for minor trauma to cause bruising. We see this fairly often when the children are starting to increase their mobility, but it can be seen in younger children in certain circumstances, such as vigorous hugs from elder siblings. There also can be conditions that affect the liver, so can interfere with liver production of clotting proteins. This can range from self-limiting problems, such as viral infections, to more significant types of liver disease. Also, problems that interfere with platelets also can present with easy bruising, such as certain immune problems that destroy platelets or conditions that inhibit the ability for the bone marrow to produce platelets. The doctor will be evaluating for all of these medical conditions.

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