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Hi I broke my tibia in one place but the break was spiky and

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I broke my tibia in one place but the break was spiky and also broke my fibia in four places on march 10th.
I had an operation to re align the bones and they were fixed with plates and screws and also a screw through my ankle as the break was low down my leg.
I have had two casts on one for three weeks one for four weeks then had four weeks no cast none weight bearing then four weeks minimum weight bearing and now im having physio doing exercises and trying my best to walk normal on it although i still use my crutch.
It does still swell up.
However i have pain all up my shin bone and in my ankle with every step i take and can not walk normal or without substantial pain with or without my crutch.
The doctor said on my last x-ray 2weeks ago that the bones were dark meaning they are still weak.
However I feel alot of pressure from my doctor and from work to be walking normal without pain and to be returning to work.
I have to walk to and from work as i dont drive (20 mins each way) and i am in a job which require me to be on my feet all day doing various tasks. Lifting boxes, reaching up high, bending down low, pulling pushing cages continually on my feet.
With the fracture i have had should my injury be pain free now and should i be able to walk normal without aid and be returning to work.
Please help this situation is making me worry and feel like i am not doing all i can to recover promptly which i think i am doing
kind regards

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

You had a possibly spiral fracture at tibia which was fixed by plate and screws. Generally tibial shaft fractures heal in 4 months, few may take 6 months or even longer to heal. It depends on how the fracture was fixed. Thus in your case - I would wait for two more months for complete healing of the fracture. If the bone has not healed and you put weight on it too soon, it could fail to heal. You may than need a secondary surgical procedure. Pain generally should not be there with weight bearing {even before bone turns solid}. Pain worries me. If I were you I would avoid weight bearing for two more months.

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