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Dr. Phil, MD
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On Sunday last I developed a loss of ap throughout the day.petite

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On Sunday last I developed a loss of ap throughout the day.petite and became fatigued. Im sure I developed a slight temperature overnight and had diarrohea throughout Monday while the feeling of exhaustion remained throughout the day. I did not eat anything but consumed liquids. I had a definite low grade headache all day, similarly yesterday and today. By today my diarrohea has stopped but my appetite has not returned. Most of my tongue is furred brownish with a red border and it feels sensitive.
Any ideas on what might be causing these symptoms?
Dr. Phil, MD :

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Dr. Phil, MD :

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I noticed you had difficulty entering chat mode Dan
This appears to be a viral infection
These can cause all of your symtpoms including a swollen tongue
I would continue doing what you are doing and take ibuprofen for the tongue
If it doesn't get better in a couple days see your GP
It should continue to improve
The problem is you might have a fungal infection of the tongue too called thrush
you might need anti fungals for that from your GP
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Dr. Phil.

Symptoms are consistent with previous similar events. I usually remember a good family doctor recommending a fat free diet for a couple (two) of days but this bug is a bit more tenacious.

A couple of other thoughts - there appears to be a tummy bug in the local environment. I was using wood rot treatment chemicals (mineral oil based) a couple of weeks ago (without face mask but with rubber gloves) and was concerned that I had somehow ingested fumes and or splashes that might have affected my liver function. Previously (1986) had episode of acute hepatitis A that saw me take up a fat free diet for 6 months.

Would be glad for your additional views.

Kind regards


This could be related to a local stomach bug but I doubt chemical related
Also you can only get hep A once
I think it will be self limited and go away on its own
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