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My husband had a Laproscopic Iliginual Hernia in 2010, he had

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My husband had a Laproscopic Iliginual Hernia in 2010, he had left leg parallasis,swollen and bruised scrotum, was told this was usual after this kind of operation, he had urine retention for 4 days, then was released home on 5 day catheratised, he has operated again one year later with a re-occurrance and this agrivated the problem even more, could this have been caused by an infection(neuroma) or from what we believe, nerve entrapment or irritation of the mesh or protacks that were used. No one has given use a definite cause as yet. His condition has not improved, even through injections into the hernia area or patches, he is taking Pregabalin, Amitriptyline,Tramadol and Zomorph and it has been suggested that he have a further operation to remove the first mesh but this could cause even more pain and discomfort. Please have you any suggestions that may help, that no-one has thought of yet! Jill White
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
I'm very sorry this happened
Is your question about what is causing the pain?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We have been told it is normal to have pain from hernia area,in to the scrotum and behind, husband has had CT scans and MRI done on the area, but still we have been told it is chronic pain caused by invasion into the trouble area, and the trauma, could have caused some damage or injury to the Genitofemerol nerve, this branching from the Femerol nerve, but over time this would repair, husband had a nerve study done and it was found that the Femerol nerve was healing but that the Genitofemerol nerve was still healing and that this could take some time, this was back in 2012, what we would like to know is whether there could have been an Neuroma(infection) due to the incision of the Hernia or cord, or whether there was nerve entrapment directly during the operation causing the numbness in the left thigh and left scrotum and left side of the penis, a wringing sensation coming from behind the left testicule, which has not gone away since 2010. If you can give us some indication as to what might be causing the actual pain we would be most appreciative.

Yes I completely agree that this nerve is the one that is affected Jill
The cause of the damage is not clear
Could it have been damaged during or after surgery? Absolutely it could have.
This would be hard to prove though.
I think it absolutely could have been a surgical mistake if that is what you are asking
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your response and verdict, we have been trying so hard to establish a cause, but we have had no joy so far, to be truthful we have sort legal advise and they were very positive at first that we had a negligent case until two weeks ago when they sort the opinion of a Medical Expert in General Surgery, this was quite damming, he said he looked at all the notes and paperwork from the medical files and operating papers and could see not fault during surgery, he kept referring to a GP's remark back in 2008 that my husband's knee gave way, and that could be the cause of the leg giving way after the 2010 hernia operation, this was of course not what was actually said to the GP in 2008 my husband had aching knees from constantly bending down on his job and was worried his knees 'would give way', unfortunately it was noted down wrong, this remark has now made our Solicitors doubt the reasons for my husbands condition, although he was an active man up until September 2010 after the hernia operation that has left him in this awful painful condition, he has developed degenerative spine disease, which is also slowly crippling him and he now has the support of a walking stick, we are awaiting a Bone Scan with the Nucular Medicine Dept. at our local Hospital, and this will establish what root we are able to go down, even if its just to make his life alittle easier and less pain. We very much appreciate your comments, and as you may be aware we live in England, so english Medical Law is so different to your own, but if you have any comments regarding our situation or where we can gain more advise within the English Law we would be most grateful. Jill