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a month or so ago i would go into my garage when it was shut

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a month or so ago i would go into my garage when it was shut and my allergies would get bad to where my throat would get itchy and nose stuffy and i would start to cough a bit with a sort of tickle/ a little bit of pain in my throat once i left the garage i blew my nose alot and it slowly went away was this asthma or was i just allergic to all of the dust that is in my garage and i just got bad allergies because i was in there for 30 minutes? i have not been diagnosed with asthma and have never wheezed before in my life or anything. also i have very bad panic and anxiety. i also have started taking pantoprazole and am on my 3rd day, im not sure if it is from anxiety or acid reflux or what but it feels like sometimes a muscle on my chest is twitching and my chest feels a little bit tight
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
Asthma is a set of three essential symptoms - coughing with secretions, chest pain and wheezing. If you had these three symptoms all at once then you should see a pulmonologist and have your pulmonary function tests done to establish the diagnosis of Asthma. Once, asthma has been diagnosed the etiology can be established for example, if an allergen or irritant exacerbates your attacks then this can be allergic asthma.
However, if you have acid reflux and if you did not have these three symptoms together and have good pulmonary function tests then this is most likely due to throat inflammation in response to an allergen or irritant like dust.
Acid reflux will alone not cause episodic itchy throat and a stuffy nose while visiting a particular place like your garage. Acid reflux usually presents with throat inflammation, bitter taste at the back of the throat and a productive cough in the morning when one wakes up, there is often heartburn noticed by the patient as well.
Hope this helps you in deciding the next step towards a better health.
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