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i have a prolapsed disc that i have had for a few years, the

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i have a prolapsed disc that i have had for a few years, the last month i have had pain in my groin area and lower abdoman, and lower back, i am on pain killers and morphine but the dull pain is contant and makes me feel sick and i can not go on like this - my doctor and physio says this is what i am to expect, taking 500mg naproxen morning and night, paracetamol and morphine to suit. I am self employed working from home with my wife so I can lie down when i need to . Sometimes i can move around but then sometimes i have to lie down, take deep breaths to stop me being sick I think, I don't have sharp pains, just dull constant dull pains. A little irregular on the toilet probably due to the tablets but no problem. I am told that the disc will shrink back, i went for a scan 18 months ago, problem area L4/L5 - Is this to be expected, is this normal?
Hello from JustAnswer.

There is nothing about a prolapsed or bulging disc that is considered normal. However, it is common for someone with disc disease to have pain that can occur anywhere below the waist, including the groin and lower abdomen. It is also possible for someone with disc disease to affect the muscular activity of the gut, so can alter bowel movements or cause nausea or vomiting. It is also true that the morphine can cause constipation or nausea and vomiting as side effects. So it is frequently difficult to know whether the GI symptoms are occurring form the disc disease or the medicine.

It is true that some people with have improvement of a bulging disc with time, but there are some people who will have no improvement and may actually develop disc disease at other levels of the spine. So, we cannot say that any particular improvement or worsening would be expected; we can only see how it responds over time.

If there is any further information that I can provide, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

should i be going back to the doctors or the walk in centre as i feel and look dreadful

Yes, that would be appropriate. Whether to be seen and how quickly to be seen is dependent upon the severity of symptoms. But if you feel dreadful, that would indicate that the symptoms are more severe, so it would be appropriate to be seen quickly. If the symptoms are less severe, then it does not need urgent attention, but from your description, it sounds like the symptoms are of such severity that it would be appropriate to be seen quickly.
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