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Dr. K.
Dr. K., Board Certified MD
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I have developed shortage of breath and wheezing over the past

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I have developed shortage of breath and wheezing over the past 3 weeks. During the same time I have had builders and decorators in my house and there has been considerable dust and other detritus from the wall sanding and plastering. My breathlessness/wheezing has coincided with this work and I have made every effort to avoid the dust by opening every window in my house but really to no avail.
Unfortunately I work from home and have had difficulty escaping from it. To make matters worse, while cleaning up after the builder I inadvertantly inhaled some of the fumes from Flash Bleach cleaning fluid. I am a bit of a worrier where health is concerned and I am now concerned that I may have caused permanent lung/chest damage or even fibrosis. I am a 64 year old male in othewise good
Dr. K. : Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.
Dr. K. : You have not caused lasting damage by three weeks exposure. In addition bleach inhalation causes lasting damage only with a much more significant exposure. Not what you described
Dr. K. : Lung damage requires chronic repeated exposure. With the problems you have theres a good chance you already have some emohysema or copd
Dr. K. : You need to get in to a dr for treatment
Dr. K. : You are reacting to whats in the dust particles. It is the lack of treatment that causes long term damage
Dr. K. : Sorry. Sp. emphysema

Would the emphsema be caused by the dust from my building work?


and if so, how worried should I be? - The earliest appointment I can get is next week

Dr. K. : You do no get it from just 3 weeks exposure
Dr. K. : you need to go to urgent care if you are short of breath
Dr. K. : next week is not good enough

OK thanks - but I've never had emphysema problems before

Dr. K. : Ok. Seems like you do now

Last question - how serious is emphysema?

Dr. K. : Its a chronic condition

... and it would just turn up out of the blue?

Dr. K. : it should be managed and controlled w inhalers and medication
Dr. K. : If it is controlled then it can be stable
Dr. K. : It did not just show up. You have likely had it and its much worse due to the dust

OK - I'll push for an earlier appointment now. Thank for your help

Dr. K. : Sure. Feel better

Thanks bye.

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