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could a person with parkinsons decease do really heavy exercises?and

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could a person with parkinsons decease do really heavy exercises?and can pd be phsco sematic?
Hi--Parkinson's disease is very diagnosable and not psychosomatic. That said, if someone who says they have Parkinson's disease they wouldn't be able to do any type of heavy exercise like weight lifting, swimming, or running without extreme difficulty if at all. The usual symptoms of PD are muscle stiffness, tremors, and moving very slowly.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My brother was diagnosed with p.d. at Harley street he was monitored yearly for three years and he hadnt got parkinsons at all so how can it be easy diagnosed?

Well, it's easily diagnosed when it's been around for a while or at least it becomes obvious that there is some neurological problem resembling PD. Let me ask you this--what makes your son think he has PD?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Well he had a fall whilst playing tennis and he neglected getting it looked atsometime afterwards he saw an osteopath which did an extensive amount of treatment with it consequently he cant use it very well he then had alot of trauma in his life and he started shaking vilently.He went down hill very fast then lost all his confidence he wont mix with people doesnt feel safe with any body or thing and is very very depressed.Hevisited on Sunday Iask him why do you walk about like that
bearing in mind he has been a terrific sportsmsn.How ever he went on to prove to me by doing high knees runnning touching his toes etc .He has always had an eating problem.a fear of being over weight He was told by a consultant he has played so much sport he has the bones of an old manhe was then bordering on osterperosis

OK Jill. It doesn't sound to me like he has PD then. It does, however, sound like he does have a significant emotional problem, probably a combination of anxiety and depression, and he really should see a therapist--either a psychologist or psychiatrist--for some therapy. Osteoporosis isn't a consequence of playing hard sports for a long time but he needs a dexa scan to see if he actually has that now.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh believe me he has seen all the therapists etc etc he has been diagnosed with acute anxiety but its very worrying for us all as he says he has had enough of feeling so ill.Unfortunately these anxiety states run in my family imyself am very prone to it and have long since known what tricks the mind can play I would like a reply to this e.m.and then i will bid you good night.

I understand but at least you can take home the message that I don't see any indication for PD with this Jill. I hope in time he does get better. Please remember to rate my service to you
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