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Dr love***** *********** here. My latest fbc has all my

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Hi dr love ***** *********** here. My latest fbc has all my liver tests perfectly normal now. Alt now 25 !! So I'm guessing the liver issue is resolved I still have anxiety. And have just spotted that the only one outside the usual range is my eosinophil count which is 0.49 it he doc said the fbc is normal ? Is this one just slightly outside so still within the norm ??

Hello again.
An absolute eosinophil count of 0.49 would be normal in our lab.
What is the normal range that is listed for this lab?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi dr love. It says on the paper. Work 0.4 up to that I think ? But doc says all normal so does that mean he thinks it's within the parameters
Yes, that is what your doctor means.

When looking at labs, it is also true that results that are close to the normal range are also typically normal. For most lab tests, the normal range is defined by two standard deviations above and below the average value in the normal population. If you have ever studied statistics, then you may recall that this range will include 95% of the normal population. Therefore, this also means that 5% of the normal population will have a result that is slightly outside the normal range. From another perspective, if the doctor checks 20 different labs on any individual, the odds are that one will be outside the normal range, but will be close. Therefore, doctors will review the labs and still call a result that is close to the normal range as normal, even if the lab report labels it as high or low.

So, in this case, this result is still considered normal and there is no reason for concern.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you again dr love. For explaining things I take it that these results can move up or down a little here and there ? As I am very phobic I keep picking up on these things and googling the worst !!!!! So are you reassuring. Me that 0.49 or 0.5 as is in brackets is an ok reading ? And nothing to panic about. My liver results are now all perfect the alt which was 130 is now 26 the last test was 34 so in 4 months and 38 weight loss and exercise they are all stable normal and even low. So does that mean that the fatty liver is resolved ! Or very early nash as he suspected ? The other slightly Outside results were mean cell heamoglobin 38.8 and platelet count 146. Again he's passed as normal are they ?
All labs can very within or near the normal range, and fluctuations of this amount are not a concern. These other lab results are normal.

Normalization of the liver enzymes does not mean that there has been resolution of fatty infiltration of the liver, but it does mean that there is no irritation or inflammation of the liver related to any fatty infiltration. It certainly is possible that the fatty infiltration has improved, but the normal liver blood tests does not prove it. If it is desired to assess fatty infiltration of the liver, then an imaging test would be needed, such as an ultrasound or a CT scan.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
So the numbers I've given you although slightly outside represent no need to be concerned ? Ie normal.
With regard to the liver. I had a fibroscan 2.1kpa and ultrasound which showed all normal but fatty change only. Loosing 38 pound in excercise over 4 months would it normally burn the fat cells off. The gamma gt is now 14 my specialist said this is an indicator of fat reduction within the liver
Yes, these labs that are slightly outside the normal range are not a concern.

If the imaging test was done before the loss of weight, then it would be appropriate to consider repeating the imaging test once you have lost as much weight as desired. If you still have more weight to loss, it would be reasonable to wait until you have lost all the desired weight.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you so to conclude 0.49 is not a worrying or concerning result. Or the other slightly. Outside results I'm guessing the numbers would need to be a fair bit higher to warrant concern ?
And the liver. Seems to be going well and the inflamation is resolved but possibly not the fat ? Itself ?
I take it the fact that the liver is now functioning well is a good sign ?
Thanks again in advance for all your help il leave excellent feedback as normal
Kind regards
Correct on all counts.
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