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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Hello My daughter is 47 and has had Type 1 since she was 13. Over

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My daughter is 47 and has had Type 1 since she was 13.
Over several months the frequency of severe hypos, often resulting in calling out paramedics, has increased and the ability to control her sugar levels has become impossible.
The stock answer from the GP is to increase the frequency of testing which she has done with no improvement. The amount of insulin injected is at best a guess as there are so many factors e.g. Hormones affect the dosage.
I am extremely worried about the situation as I am concerned that her life may be in danger. Surely there must be some answer for this - a transplant/other drugs etc.???
Please could you let me know of any steps we can take to resolve the situation ASAP please.
Many thanks
Linda Hewing
Hi--what type of insulin does she use and what is her dosage regimen?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
She is on Humalim I and Humulin S. No regime due to the problems. The paramedics gave her Glucodon which didn't work and then an introvenous drip.
OK Linda. If she isn't seeing an endocrinologist about this she needs to. What I would do is switch her to a long acting insulin injection like Lantus which is once a day, with injections of the Humalin as needed throughout the day. She also would be a candidate for an insulin pump but I don't think she needs a pancreas transplant at this time. She also needs a strict diabetic diet including snacks every two hours while she's awake.
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