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pain in groin hip and back

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Hi I've been having pain in right hip back leg and groin for over six weeks am I elegable for a xray as I've been in the doctors and they haven't overed me one

Welcome to Justanswer
I would need some additional information in order to help you understand the situation in the best manner possible
1. Can you relate this pain with any incidence i.e. did it start after a trauma ?
2. What is you doctor's opinion regarding the cause of this pain?
3. What medical conditions are diagnosed for you, besides this issue, and what medication do you take for them?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The pain started over six weeks ago after waking up in pain went straight to accident and emergency again no xray and they said its a fractured but I went to see a chiropractor to see what they say and they said something different like my spine is twisted and inflammed as to tablets for the pain but hasn't been doing any good

Thank you for the additional information and for your patience :)
There is no way one can diagnose a fracture without any investigation unless the fracture is obvious as in the form of a loss of normal conformity of a limb.
Since in your case you have not mentioned any visible deformity of the hip or the leg there is definitely no way that the doctor at the ER could have diagnosed it as a fracture. And if that is how it was done then definitely it was not right.
The possibility of a fracture or an issue with the lumber spine can not be ruled out until and unless properly examined and investigated.
The most likely baseline investigation, depending on the findings in the physical examination, would definitely be an x ray of the Lumber spine, hip joint and thigh. And if your doctor finds further need then an MRI of the lumber spine and/or of the hip joint may also be needed.
It would be best to discuss this with your doctor however if he/she is still reluctant in going ahead with the investigations then perhaps it would be in your best interest to find another doctor however a delay or not getting it done would not be a good idea.
Hope this helped you understand the situation :)
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Warm regards
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