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Dr. Kaushik
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I have had problems sleeping for four years and have been on

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I have had problems sleeping for four years and have been on zopiclpne and pregablin to sleep .on trying to sleep I get a jumping feeling in my heart and pain in my arms and legs. I suffer with constant crushing headaches and weak feelings in my arms and legs.i have very little energy and have a pain in my vein imy right leg.i struggle to care for my son and live in fear of losing him because I cannot cope. The doctors won't refer me to a neurologist even though I feel this is to do with my brain function . I am seriously worried . Please advise what I should do . Kind regards, Ellie
Welcome to the site.
I am sorry to learn about your condition and i empathize with you.
1) Kindly mention your age ?
2) Have you ever been investigated for Thyroid function tests, blood sugar levels and blood pressure AND EEG to monitor brain waves which in turn indicate about brain functioning ?
3) Why would the doctors turn down your request to see a neurologist ? What is their reason behind this ?
4) Have you been taking zopiclone and pregabalin both together at bedtime? If yes, mention their doses and also since when are they being used ?
I shall get back to you once you reply to my queries.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello. I am thirty eight. All this began after I had my son. They found a single lesion only brain and said it was insignificant. I have had so many tests but not sure about the thyroid . Which thyroid ones would I need to have done? I am going to a sleep clinic next week. Will this pick up on my brain activity ? They still wante to take my medication on that evening. I have 7.5mg zopiclone and 600 mg pregablin together at night .. Nobody really manages my medication. I walk around exhausted every day and just want to sleep like a normal person.
Thanks for the inputs.

Well you may be suffering from sleep wake cycle disturbance since you had developed this sort of sleep disturbance after you had your son which would have made you get up in the nights for nursing the baby and this led to disturbance in your sleep- wake cycle / biological clock and that is why you are feeling exhasuted because despite taking sleep aid drugs you are not getting refreshing and rejuvenating sleep which can bring back the frshness and energy that you once used to feel after a good night sleep.

So i suggest that since you have an appointment at the sleep clinic you may discuss the use of Sleep study aka Polysomnography on you which is a test that will record your brain waves, heart rate ,blood oxygen level,breathing rate, eye and leg movements, all of them simultaneously during your over night stay at the bsleep center which is required for completing this test. This test shall unravel the exact the core issue with your sleep problem and help in devising a more formidable treatment plan to bring back the normal sleep pattern. You are notsupposed to change anything from your routine while going into the study otherwise it may compromise the test results.

Although it seems ulikely that thyroid horomone disturbance has been causing this but if you want you can get only serum TSH level tested which will give us an idea about the thyroid functioning.

Now for future discussion post the sleep sudy, you may discuss with your doctor sing a drug called as desyrel aka trazodone at dose of 25-50 mg at bedtime, which is a very effective sleep aid drug besides being a potent anti depressant which shall lesse your stress that you have developed owing to your sleep disturbance.

I hope this helps.

Wish you a speedy recovery.

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