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My mother, who is 65 and is usually very active, has been having

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My mother, who is 65 and is usually very active, has been having problems with her balance and has fallen a few times. We went to her GP who ran blood tests and had referred her to see a neurologist. But we are told that it will be a couple of months before she gets an appointment. The things is she is getting worse by the day. She is slurring her words, getting confused and cannot lift her leg high enough to get up the stairs at home. Is there anything that I can do to get her seen by a doctor soon ?
Hi--when did the GP last see her and all she's had is blood work and no MRI of the brain?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He saw her 2 weeks ago to discuss results of blood tests, which were all clear. He then said he would refer her to a neurologist, but the waiting list was about 2 months. And that the neurologist would probably order an MRI scan, which may also take several months to get a scan date.

OK Saffron. I really don't understand why the GP isn't treating this aggressively. It sounds as though she's had or is having a stroke and she needs an immediate MRI of the brain and a stroke workup and treatment. I think you need to take her to A&E as soon as possible where at least they can evaluate her, get the MRI, and call in a neurologist to see her right away
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