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I have been jumping thru hoops switching from a very expensive

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I have been jumping thru hoops switching from a very expensive PPO to qualifying for medical & a clinic setting an a new HMO. Finally saw a Dr. who said that it was going to take several visits with her & of course realizing getting my records is a joke. The neruogist who has over seen my care including meds. Now in May he informed me he's retiring. The new clinc keeps insisting over the last 2 months no records have been processed. AND after 20 plus years who I've known & trust they have sent my records twice. Now Im waiting to be seen by a pain managent speciialist. Now I' feeling sick. Symptoms: stiff neck, sore throat, pain when I swallow. Also, my glands in my neck feel swollen. I Dont know what to do. I can't get ahold of my Dr.(which is what Im used to doing) I received 3 diff. calls from the clinic and the nurse told me to keep my app. on Aug. 19th, and we will discuss then what to do about about my over all cholesterol is in the high 300's. I stopped taking my cholesterol because it was costing me more money than I had to spend ( along a couple others.) I had no choice. On my vist I told her my concern since high chol. runs in the family. I was down to 180 on the Crestor. She said we'd get to it on one of my future visits. I am 60 my Dad died @ 61 from plaque build up. We had an atopsy performed. SO...sould I see any Dr. sooner for that issue? And I also had4 yrs ago..a 90 degree T-11 compression fracture. During the surgery 2 vertebraes colapsed during the surgery. I feel recently feel and had to convince her to order an exray. Results are in. Now waiting to discuss it at the Aug 19th app. Am I over reacting? or is just new procedures from switchin from PPO yo Medical & HMO something I just need to get used to? And should I wait till Monday to see who I can I really feel ill?
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some further information.
Did the sore throat and difficulty swallowing arise suddenly?
Are you having any other symptoms, such as cough or fever?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I noticed a few days ago that my throat was hurting. Then yesterday it hurt when I swallowed and pressed on the glands under my jaw on my neck. Last night my neck felt stif & when I moved it hurt. TEMP: IM on strong pain meds: MS contin & Oxycontin & for severe migrains I take fioricet. HARD TO TELL IF I HAVE A FEVER. or for that reason IM more concerned when I feel a sore. Did I give you a better understanding of my concern?

Thank you for the additional information.

The primary concern when dealing with a sore throat is whether there is Strep present. The vast majority of sore throats are caused by a viral infection, particularly in someone ≥ 45 years of age. Consequently, the primary indication of whether to be seen urgently for a sore throat are if there are other factors that are associated with a Strep throat. The primary symptoms that would be worrisome would be a fever, the absence of a cough (the presence of a cough with a sore throat is indicative of a viral infection), and tender swollen lymph nodes. Even with worrisome symptoms, many people will have a viral infection, but the presence of the worrisome symptoms is considered an appropriate reason to be seen for further evaluation. In your case, you apparently do not have a cough, do have swollen lymph nodes, and it cannot be determined whether you have a fever, so it would be appropriate to be seen to check for whether there is a Strep throat. Usually, it would be OK for this to happen on Monday (tomorrow), but if you are unable to be seen in your doctor's office, another option would be to be seen in an Urgent Care Center. The exception that would require more emergent attention would be if there is such poor oral intake due to the difficulty swallowing that you are getting dehydrated, and then it would be appropriate to be seen emergently. This would be true regardless of which germ is causing the infection. Symptoms that are worrisome for dehydration include profound fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, decreased urine output, and a rapid heart rate.

As for the other issues, it is true that there is a wide variety of practice patterns, and it will take some time to become accustomed to the practice pattern of the new practice. However, other than the care for the immediate symptoms, the other issues can be addressed more electively. The risk associated with high cholesterol accrues over years, so there is no significant difference in risk in whether high cholesterol is addressed urgently.

So, it would be better to be seen urgently for the sore throat and emergently if symptoms of dehydration develop, but the other issues do not need urgent attention and can be addressed in the regularly scheduled appointments.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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