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Hello, I am 27 yo girls, healthy and psysically very active.

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Hello, I am 27 yo girls, healthy and psysically very active. A month and a half ago (18h June) on my holidays I had a head injury ( I jumped to water from high cliff accidentally on my face and shook my head to water) after it I felt fine, no fainting, bleeding from nose, nothing. In the afternoon I had dizziness and headache so next day went to emergency, but my CT scan was clear and in in 2 days all dizziness and headache went away, I was still relaxed on holidays. A month ago I came back and went to the gym, as usual I do quite strong weight lifting training. After that I felt dizzy, nausea, headache again. Then now it comes and goes, I feel some pressure in my head and tension in my neck especially at the end of the day at work staring at computer. I feel especially spaced out next day after trying to do some exercise. If I rest on weekend, have walks outside, don't think about this condition then head feels clearer. I went to see a few doctors, they checked my reaction, eyes, muscles. One said it might be post concussion, another was sure it is inner ear trauma and I should try to get back to activities, both said it is normal have some of these conditions couple of months after injury. However after some exercises i don't feel well next day. It stars to cause me anxiety and hard to concentrate at work as I think just about my head condition..should I be worries that it might be something serious or even not related to head injury? Should I proceed with some more test, scans? Is it likely to be just last symptoms after my injury? Should I keep away from some activities?
Hello from JustAnswer.

These symptoms are more typical of post concussion symptoms than trauma to the inner ear. Of course, it is possible that both could have occurred, with the dizziness a symptom related to trauma of the inner ear, but the inability to concentrate and spaced out feeling related to post concussion symptoms.

When such symptoms arise after a significant head trauma, there is usually no reason to be concerned about any other condition, although there are several concerns that should be addressed relative to the post concussion symptoms.

The most important is to avoid certain activities that create risk for another head trauma. Sustaining another head injury before there has been complete recovery from the first injury is a significant risk for even greater damage. There is some risk related to multiple concussions that occur over time, but the risk is even greater if complete recovery has not occurred.

It is also reasonable to avoid activities that exacerbate symptoms. Obviously, it cannot be known whether a particular activity exacerbates symptoms until that activity is tried. So, it is reasonable to avoid any activity that exacerbates symptoms for a couple weeks, and then you can try the activity again. Over time, people typically find that they can gradually perform more activity without an exacerbation of symptoms.

As for more testing, it is appropriate to be followed by a doctor that has expertise in managing persons that have sustained a concussion. Many mild concussions that resolve quickly do not require specialist care, but in someone in whom there are recurrent symptoms after a month, it would be appropriate to be seen and followed by a specialist. Imaging studies frequently are normal in someone suffering from post concussion symptoms, but the specialist can follow improvement by performing detailed mental status evaluations.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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